RFK Jr. is getting more donations from Republican than Democrats - but mixed polling STILL raises questions of whether he will hurt Trump of Biden more in a 2024 rematch

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was attracting much donors pinch Republican leanings than Democrats up of past month's announcement that he was launching an independent statesmanlike run. 

But caller polling raises questions astir whether nan ex-Democrat will suck much support distant from erstwhile President Donald Trump aliases President Joe Biden. 

A Politico analysis recovered that $2 cardinal of Kennedy's large-dollar donations done September 30 came from supporters who antecedently gave money to Republicans, while $1.4 milllion came from those who antecedently contributed to Democrats. 

Another $5.1 cardinal came from small-dollar donations - individuals who gave little than $200 and frankincense don't person to beryllium tracked by nan Federal Election Commission. 

Kennedy raised $6.6 cardinal - nan bulk of his costs - from Americans who didn't springiness money successful nan 2016 aliases 2020 cycles through ActBlue, nan Democratic philanthropist portal, aliases WinRed, nan Republican one. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks astatine a run extremity past period successful Nashville, Tennessee. The erstwhile Democrat turned independent seems to beryllium sucking much support from nan Republican broadside of nan aisle, according to caller philanthropist information and polling 

Presidential campaigner Robert F. Kennedy had much donors pinch a Republican history than a Democratic one, anterior to announcing his independent statesmanlike tally successful early October, a Politico study found 

These donations each came successful earlier Kennedy's October 9 announcement successful beforehand of Independence Hall successful Philadelphia that he would tally arsenic an independent and not a Democrat, frustrating family members who person agelong been associated pinch nan Democratic Party. 

They feared that he would play 'spoiler' to Biden, but Kennedy's agelong relation pinch nan anti-vaxx activity and push for beardown separator policies, among different issues, has immoderate ex-Trump supporters coming into his fold.

On its face, McLaughlin & Associates' October study bears this out. 

When Trump and Biden are unsocial connected nan ballot, 48 percent of apt voters said they'd ballot Trump, while 43 percent said Biden, successful nan McLaughlin survey, which was released Thursday. 

But Trump's five-point advantage complete Biden dwindles to 2 points erstwhile Kennedy is added to nan equation - pinch 39 percent saying they'd prime Trump, 37 percent supporting Biden and Kennedy receiving nan support of 14 percent. 

That would propose he's pulling much votes from Trump. 

But pollster John McLaughlin told DailyMail.com that connected person inspection, 42 percent of Kennedy's ballot comes from Biden, while 39 percent comes from nan Republican ex-president. 

'For now Kennedy perchance creates much of an impermanent undecided factor,' McLaughlin said, explaining why it appears that Kennedy shrinks Trump's lead.

'However, President Trump thumps Joe Biden whether it's 1 connected one, aliases a multi-candidate race. President Trump has nan strongest and astir aggravated elector guidelines of support,' McLaughlin added. 

When world Cornel West, a progressive who had been politically aligned pinch Sen. Bernie Sanders, appears connected nan ballot, Trump's lead extends backmost to 3 points, suggesting that West is pulling immoderate support from Biden's left. 

In that scenario, Trump receives 38 percent, Biden gets 35 percent, Kennedy takes 12 percent and West receives conscionable 2 percent of support from apt voters.

When West is factored in, Kennedy's ballot is still coming 42 percent from Biden and 39 percent from Trump, while West's ballot is comprised of 51 percent of voters who would different support Biden and 36 percent who would different prime Trump. 

Two surveys conducted astir nan clip Kennedy announced his independent bid showed him tying nan title betwixt Trump and Biden 

Two earlier polls, 1 conducted by Zogby and 1 by Fox News, showed Kennedy's entranceway into nan title tying Trump and Biden.  

Various scenarios are being surveyed because it's unclear if Kennedy and West's names will beryllium capable to get connected each state's wide predetermination ballot. 

West had initially said he would tally arsenic nan Green Party's candidate, making ballot entree little challenging, but announced past period he would tally simply arsenic an independent. 

Kennedy is moving arsenic an independent, too, but has had conversations pinch nan Libertarian Party, which besides has a secured spot connected states' ballots. 

Libertarian Party members clasp a normal successful May that will find their statesmanlike nominee for 2024. 

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