REVEALED: What Taylor Swift told Chiefs star Mecole Hardman after watching him score the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl

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  • Mecole Hardman caught a walk from Patrick Mahomes pinch 3 seconds left 
  • The Kansas City Chiefs defeated nan San Francisco 49ers, 25-22, successful overtime 
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 11:22 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 11:27 EST, 13 February 2024

Popstar Taylor Swift was 1 of nan galore who congratulated Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman aft scoring nan game-winning touchdown astatine Super Bowl LVIII. 

Sunday's crippled successful Las Vegas went down to nan dying seconds of an overtime period. With nan San Francisco 49ers up, 22-19, Patrick Mahomes recovered Harman connected nan correct flank to unafraid their 2nd consecutive title. 

After nan game, Hardman shared a infinitesimal pinch nan 14-time Grammy victor arsenic they celebrated pinch Travis Kelce and nan remainder of nan team. Swift and Harman shared an clasp arsenic Swift expressed her joyousness for nan erstwhile Georgia Bulldog. 

'Absolutely, absolutely,' Swift said aft nan hug. 'So happy for you guys.' 

The 2 continued to talk arsenic nan celebrations went on. While cameras could not prime up overmuch of nan conversation, Swift appeared to picture nan game-winning play arsenic Hardman did not clasp backmost his smile. 

Taylor Swift congratulated wide receiver Mecole Hardman aft his game-winning touchdown

Swift watch her fellow Travis Kelce and nan Chiefs arsenic they won Super Bowl LVIII connected Sunday

Hardman caught nan game-winning walk from Patrick Mahomes to descend nan 49ers successful overtime 

After getting drafted by nan Chiefs successful 2019, Hardman joins nan likes of Kelce and Mahomes arsenic members of Kansas City's 3 title-winning rosters successful nan past 5 years. 

Hardman made a speedy detour to nan New York Jets to statesman nan play earlier getting re-acquired by nan Chiefs successful October successful speech for a 2025 draught pick. 

Despite tallying zero touchdowns pinch his 124 yards successful 2023, Hardman stepped up successful nan Super Bowl by catching each 3 targets for 57 yards and nan last touchdown. Following nan game, Hardman admitted that he 'blacked-out' aft scoring nan game-winner. 

'I don't retrieve nary of it,' Hardman told Today pinch a laugh. 'Like, literally. When I caught nan pass, I blacked retired for a second. I conjecture nan magnitude of nan infinitesimal conscionable sewage to me. 

'All I tin retrieve is aft I caught it, I conscionable seen Pat moving to maine for illustration 'You're a champion.' I'm for illustration 'Oh we won, bet,' and past I started celebrating.'