Revealed: The surprising foods that make your urine smell funny (and it's NOT just asparagus and coffee)

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Pungent pee tin beryllium caused by dehydration, a urinary tract infection (UTI) aliases moreover from taking immoderate medicines.  

But definite nutrient and portion tin make your urine smell peculiar, too. And it's not conscionable java and asparagus, either.

Garlic, onions, cabbage tin besides beryllium nan culprits, arsenic MailOnline explains... 

The NHS warns that eating asparagus and drinking java tin person immoderate unwanted smelly broadside effects

If you are patient and hydrated, your wee should beryllium clear aliases ray yellowish and person a mild scent, says London-based NHS GP Dr Hana Patel. 

'There are things that tin often make your urine smell stronger,' she said.

'And nan astir communal logic is because you mightiness not beryllium drinking capable fluids. 

'There are besides definite types of nutrient and portion that tin make your urine smell, specified arsenic asparagus aliases coffee. So excessively tin immoderate medicines and vitamin B6 supplements. 

Asparagus is known to nutrient a pong, albeit a harmless one.

The odour is caused by a breakdown of asparagusic acid, Dr Patel explains. 

'Up to 50 per cent of group find that this is thing that they suffer from erstwhile they eat asparagus,' she said.

When this gets digested, it produces compounds including methanethiol, dimethyl sulphide, and dimethyl sulfone.

These incorporate sulphur, a chemic recovered successful a skunk's spray, and which gives rotten eggs their putrid smell.

The assemblage can't break down these compounds, truthful they are excreted successful urine, wherever they springiness disconnected a unsocial stench.

Garlic and onions, cabbage and brackish tin besides beryllium nan culprits down immoderate horrid aromas. But doctors pass smelly wee tin besides beryllium a motion of dehydration aliases a UTI

But nan greenish veggies are not nan only foods that tin origin a scent. 

'Foods that person to sulphur compounds successful your assemblage tin make your urine smell rotten,' Dr Patel said.

'This smell is commonly compared to rotten cabbage aliases rotten eggs and tin travel from eating asparagus, garlic, and onions, Brussel sprouts, coffee, nuts and fennel, curry and spices successful curry.'

Foods that incorporate sulphur compounds tin besides beryllium responsible for 'bad breath', Dr Duane Mellor told MailOnline. It's also, for this very reason, that cutting onions tin make you cry, nan Aston University dietitian says.

'As we breakdown and digest these compounds, they besides tin adhd a faint odour to our urine if we eat a batch of them,' he added.

If you want to trim nan odour it tin beryllium diluted by drinking plentifulness of water. 

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections (UITs) impact your urinary tract, this includes your bladder, urethra aliases kidneys. 

The infection tin beryllium treated pinch antibiotics, but they are not ever needed. 

Symptoms include: 

  • Pain aliases burning sensation erstwhile peeing
  • Needing to pee much often than usual
  • Pee is cloudy, acheronian aliases has a beardown smell
  • needing to pee abruptly aliases much urgently than usual
  • Needing to pee much than usual
  • Blood successful your pee
  •  Pain successful your little tummy, successful your little backmost aliases conscionable nether nan ribs
  • A precocious temperature 
  • Feeing basking and shivery
  • A debased somesthesia beneath 36C 

Source: NHS 

Anything that dehydrates you tin besides make your urine smell.

That's because your wee — of which we nutrient up to 2litres a time — is made up of h2o and nan chemic by-products leaving your body. 

When dehydrated, nan operation of h2o to specified chemicals becomes much concentrated, causing nan scent to go stronger.  

'The concentrated discarded will make your urine smell stronger,' Dr Patel said.  

'Ammonia is simply a discarded merchandise successful urine. On astir days, you astir apt don’t announcement nan smell of it successful your urine.

'However, erstwhile dehydrated, nan attraction of ammonia goes up and makes your urine smell much strongly.'

Eating excessively overmuch salty nutrient tin besides make your wee pungent, experts say.

'Salt successful urine is improbable to straight change nan smell,' Chris Blick, a advisor urological surgeon based successful London told MailOnline.

'However, brackish whitethorn make america much dehydrated. This, successful turn, will origin nan urine to beryllium much pungent.' 

Under nan aforesaid logic, drinking excessively overmuch alcohol aliases java tin person nan aforesaid effect connected nan smell of your urine. Both are diuretics.

'Coffee contains hundreds of chemicals including antioxidants called polyphenols that are responsible for nan smell, galore of these are excreted successful nan urine,' said Mr Blick. 

'If group are dehydrated these whitethorn beryllium much noticeable.

'Although location is nary harm associated pinch urine that smells for illustration coffee, if this is nan lawsuit you whitethorn want to see cutting down somewhat connected java aliases expanding h2o intake to forestall dehydration,' he added. 

In immoderate cases, different smelling urine tin awesome an unwellness aliases infection, which tin beryllium exacerbated by alcohol. 

'Alcohol tin make your urine much acidic and irritate nan lining of your bladder,'  Dr Patel said. This acidity, she claims, tin make UTI symptoms worse, which tin besides springiness your urine an ammonia smell.

'If you person different symptoms specified arsenic symptom erstwhile passing urine, aliases passing urine much often than accustomed aliases urine that looks cloudy successful colour, past you whitethorn person a urinary tract infection (UTI), and I would urge speaking to your GP further,' added Dr Patel. 

'Very saccharine smelling urine whitethorn beryllium a motion of diabetes and fishy smelling urine whitethorn propose infection,' explains Mr Bick. 

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