Revealed: Cost to build iPhone 15 Pro Max explains its hefty £1,199 price tag

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  • The 15 Pro Max exemplary is much costly than its iPhone 14 Pro Max predecessor
  • At £460, its costs to build is up by 12 per cent connected nan type released past year 

By Matthew Cox

Published: 09:20 EDT, 29 October 2023 | Updated: 17:31 EDT, 29 October 2023

The long-awaited iPhone 15 was yet unveiled past month, pinch fans speedy to get their hands connected nan newest models from Apple.

The value for nan modular telephone originates astatine £799 ($799 positive tax), meantime nan iPhone 15 Pro will costs £999 ($999 positive tax) and nan larger pro Max will group you backmost £1,199 ($1,199 positive tax).

While nan modular and Pro models travel successful astatine nan aforesaid value that nan iPhone 14 equivalents costs upon their release the erstwhile year, nan 15 Pro Max is £100 (and $100) much costly than its predecessor - a 9 per cent value hike.

But nan reported costs to build this flagship instrumentality whitethorn warrant nan rise, pinch nan 15 Pro Max 12 per cent pricier to put together.

This is down to nan array of caller features, not slightest nan company's first ever tetraprism 5x telephoto camera.

A breakdown of nan costs of nan caller iPhone 15 Pro Max shows why it is being sold astatine £100 much costly than a caller 14 Pro Max a twelvemonth agone - pinch nan caller exemplary starting from £1,199 ($1,199)

The deconstruction recovered that an iPhone 15 Pro Max costs Apple $558 (£460) successful full to make, up 12 per cent from nan accumulation costs of nan 14 Pro Max. Pictured: deconstructed iPhone 5

The all-new tetraprism 5x telephoto camera (above) was 1 of nan cardinal contributors to this value rise, worthy 3.8 times nan worth of nan iPhone 14 Pro Max's camera

A costs breakdown by Nikkei found that nan constituent parts of nan caller iPhone 15 Pro Max adhd up to costs Apple $558 (£460) - 47 per cent of what they waste them for earlier tax.

Piece-by-piece study estimated that nan surface costs 10 per cent much connected nan caller exemplary compared to nan 14 Pro Max, while nan titanium framework of nan 15 Pro Max pushed up that part's costs by 43 per cent.

The new A17 Pro spot processor costs 27 per cent much than nan A16 Bionic utilized successful nan 14 Pro Max.

One of nan astir wide publicised upgrades connected nan caller telephone was its updated camera, which is reportedly worthy 3.8 times much than nan erstwhile edition.

This accrued costs besides translates to nan different iPhone 15 models, though not rather truthful markedly, pinch nan Pro coming successful astatine 8 per cent much costly to put together than nan 14 Pro, and nan iPhone 15 Plus costing astir 10 per cent much than its predecessor.

However, nan biggest comparative value summation is successful nan guidelines model, contempt its unchanged value since nan iPhone 14 was caller a twelvemonth ago.

An iPhone 15 apparently costs Apple $423 (£349) to make - 16 per cent much than nan 14 - making it arguably nan champion worth of nan range.

It besides has nan highest cost-to-price ratio of nan iPhone 15 range, pinch nan guidelines exemplary costing Apple 53 per cent of nan eventual income costs to make, compared to 49 per cent for nan 15 Plus, 52 per cent for nan 15 Pro and 47 per cent for nan 15 Pro Max. 

MailOnline has contacted Apple for remark astir these figures. 

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