Return to sender: Royal Mail hits back over postal vote delay

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Royal Mail comes successful for disapproval complete delays successful sending retired ballot papers for postal voters. It blames nan problem connected nan "surprise" timing of nan election.

On nan past afloat time of canvassing up of nan UK polling time connected Thursday 4 July, immoderate voters are still waiting for Royal Mail to present their postal voting cards. 

The institution has rejected disapproval of what immoderate spot arsenic tardiness and says nan "surprise" day of nan predetermination is to blasted for nan clasp up successful deliveries. Voters stay sceptical, pointing retired this peculiar predetermination run has been going connected for six weeks, double nan minimum clip required of 3 weeks. 

A Royal Mail spokesperson was quoted by The Telegraph arsenic saying: "We person nary backlog of postal votes and, whilst we are not complacent, we stay assured that postal votes handed to america connected clip will beryllium delivered anterior to polling day. 

"Where circumstantial concerns person been raised, we person investigated and confirmed ballot packs are being delivered arsenic soon arsenic they get successful our network. 

"We would invited a reappraisal into nan timetable for early elections pinch each stakeholders to guarantee that nan strategy for printing and administering postal votes earlier they are handed to Royal Mail useful arsenic smoothly arsenic possible." 

In total, much than 90 constituencies astir nan state are still waiting for immoderate ballots to arrive. 

Many postal voters are serving successful nan Armed Services and usage a postal ballot because they unrecorded distant from nan area wherever they would usually vote. One mates person been utilizing their postal ballot action for much than 20 years, while nan hubby was successful nan Army. They continued to usage nan aft his status and this is nan first clip they person been worried they would miss retired connected nan chance to vote.

His woman told Euronews: "I realised location was a problem erstwhile our ballot papers didn't arrive. We've ever had it wrong 2 weeks of an election, but, this time, we've been waiting and waiting. It yet arrived yesterday (Monday) and we're assured that, if we station it now, it will get to nan section authority successful clip for Thursday's vote. 

"However, those of america who usage Royal Mail are sceptical that their first-class postal strategy is that good. It is simply a genuine disgrace. It's making a insult of nan antiauthoritarian process and nobody's being held to account."

More postal voters strain transportation services

Royal Mail says much group person unexpectedly chosen to ballot by station for this election; it anticipates a emergence of immoderate 20% since nan past predetermination held successful 2019.

It argues this has added further unit to postal services, and says it, too, received immoderate papers late, leaving only a fewer days for transportation to voters. 

The postal transportation work has asked for nan timeline of early elections to beryllium reviewed, successful bid to guarantee that nan postal voting strategy tin usability arsenic efficiently arsenic possible. 

Postal affairs curate Kevin Hollinrake is reported to beryllium investigating nan delays urgently, already having slammed Royal Mail for not hiring capable group to woody pinch nan accrued unit connected postal services during this captious clip for nan UK.

The hold intends immoderate voters whitethorn beryllium deprived of nan chance to vote.

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