Return of the 'human bears'! Zoo in Taiwan denies its prized black bears are 'staff in costumes' after similar suspicions were raised about animals at Chinese wildlife park

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A prized carnivore astatine a zoo successful Taiwan has been filmed strolling complete and 'greeting' delighted visitors successful a suspiciously human-like mode - forcing nan attraction to contradict that nan animals are 'staff successful costumes'.

Guests astatine Shoushan Zoo successful Kaohsiung could not judge their eyes arsenic they were approached by nan achromatic bear, who is named Bobby.

The inquisitive animal was caught connected camera hopping complete a log and opinionated connected its hind legs arsenic it looked up retired of its enclosure astatine waving passersby.

Some suggested that its steadiness connected 2 feet and comparable tallness to a quality pointed to it being a personification successful costume, but nan zoo rejected nan speculation, saying anyone successful a furry suit would beryllium 'too hot' successful nan precocious temperatures.

It comes aft akin suspicions were raised astir bears astatine a Chinese wildlife parkland past year, sparking a furious online statement complete whether they were group successful carnivore suits aliases nan existent deal.

Some suggested that its steadiness connected 2 feet and comparable tallness to a quality pointed to it being a personification successful costume

The inquisitive animal was caught connected camera hopping complete a log earlier opinionated connected its hind legs

The latest video of a human-like bear, filmed successful Taiwan yesterday, besides prompted a immense response, pinch galore joking that nan zoo is 'overworking students' connected activity experience. 

According to nan zoo, Bobby besides sparked chat backmost successful 2016 erstwhile locals first started to propose that he was really a quality successful costume.

However, nan zoo clarified that Taiwanese achromatic bears tin guidelines upright successful nan wild.

At nan time, Kaohsiung politician Chen Ju besides weighed successful to corroborate that nan animals astatine Shoushan Zoo are existent and not students.

Revisiting nan celebrated debate, locals joked that Bobby appears much for illustration a worker successful costume than a existent achromatic bear.

One said: 'It walks truthful dependable connected 2 feet, must beryllium a activity student.'

Another added: 'It stands for illustration a human. Its tallness is astir 6ft.'

'Shoushan Zoo is truthful outrageous, overworking students,' joked personification else.

Another remarked: 'Stop pretending. Take disconnected nan costume.'

A spokesperson for Shoushan Zoo denied their carnivore was fake, saying: 'If a personification did deterioration a carnivore costume, they would beryllium lying down wrong minutes owed to nan heat.'

Similar accusations were directed astatine Hangzhou Zoo successful China past August, erstwhile a carnivore pinch bizarre wrinkly fur and slender legs near group baffled - starring to questions complete whether it was man aliases beast.

Bobby nan Taiwanese achromatic carnivore is seen successful a each fours astatine Shoushan Zoo successful Kaohsiung

The zoo's Malayan sun carnivore was filmed greeting visitors while opinionated connected its hind legs.

Officials besides claimed that a quality successful a fur carnivore suit 'would not past much than a fewer minutes earlier collapsing' successful nan 40C summertime temperatures. 

Extraordinary video shows nan animal reaching up to drawback a snack thrown into its enclosure astatine Hangzhou Zoo - and comically failing to clasp connected to it.

The distinctly resigned quality of nan sun carnivore has only added substance to nan mentation it is successful truth a quality successful disguise. Other observers person pointed to a saggy bottom, sparking theories it is simply a very life-like suit.

Sun bears are known to person human-like mannerisms and are nan size of ample dogs, opinionated astatine astir 1.3 metres gangly connected their hind legs.

Hangzhou zoo said a personification successful a carnivore suit would person collapsed successful nan scorching summertime heat 

Video showed nan unusual looking carnivore opinionated connected 2 legs, looking for food

Meanwhile achromatic bears tin beryllium anyplace betwixt 5 and 7 feet gangly while opinionated connected their hind legs.

Other Chinese zoos person besides been accused of trying to walk disconnected dyed dogs arsenic different animals specified arsenic wolves aliases African cats.

In 2019, 2 zoo workers astatine Yancheng Wild Animal World successful Changzhou, China, were seen wearing gorilla costumes and jumping around.

Following complaints, nan zoo reportedly stated that it was an April Fools' prank. 

In 2018, reports emerged suggesting a Cairo zoo was trying to deceive visitors by coating a donkey achromatic and achromatic to make it look for illustration a zebra.

The bizarre animal was spotted by student Mahmoud A.Sarhani who was visiting nan precocious opened animal sanctuary astatine nan International Garden municipal park. 

A number of vets wrong nan state were speedy to corroborate that nan animal was so a donkey.