Republicans unveil ANOTHER 'personal check' from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden - this time for $40,000 - they say is part of an 'extortion scheme' with the Chinese

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President Joe Biden is astatine nan halfway of an highly lucrative 'extortion scheme' betwixt members of his family and overseas actors - including China - complaint Republicans.

Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., unveiled nan beingness of a $40,000 nonstop costs to Joe from 2017 branded arsenic a 'loan repayment' that he claims is 'laundered money' that tin beryllium traced backmost to nan Chinese.

Comer's Oversight Committee is spearheading nan probe into nan Biden family's 'influence peddling' cognition arsenic portion of nan larger impeachment enquiry into nan president. 

According to caller slope records they obtained done caller subpoenas for James and Hunter Biden's financial records, a money way opening successful July 2017 snaked from Chinese lipid elephantine CEFC - 1 of Hunter's associated ventures - into Joe's account. 

In WhatsApp messages from August 2017 previously published by, Hunter demanded $10 cardinal from CEFC, and claimed his begetter was 'sitting here' adjacent to him during nan exchange.

After an first $5 cardinal from CEFC was put successful nan associated task connected August 8, 2017, a transportation of $400,000 was placed into Hunter Biden entity Owasco, P.C. connected nan aforesaid day. Then $150,000 was transferred straight from Owasco into nan slope relationship of James and Sara Biden - Joe's sister-in-law - connected August 14, 2017.

On September 3, 2017, Sara wrote a $40,000 cheque straight to Joe - conscionable six days aft she took retired $50,000 successful cash, according to nan obtained documents.

This is nan 4th 'Bank Records Memorandum' released by nan committee truthful acold this twelvemonth to pass members of their ongoing investigation. 

Joe Biden has antecedently stated that Hunter ne'er made money from China, and nan White House has maintained that nan president ne'er benefitted from his family's business ventures. 

Last month, Republicans revealed a abstracted $200,000 individual cheque from James Biden to Joe Biden.

According to bankruptcy tribunal documents obtained by nan House Oversight Committee, James Biden took money from his wellness attraction business Americore and sent it straight to his relative Joe Biden.

The documents show that successful 2018, James Biden obtained $600,000 successful loans from Americore. James was capable to person nan loans based connected 'representations' that his past name, 'Biden,' could 'open doors.'

On March 1, 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 indebtedness into nan individual slope relationship of James and Sara Biden.

That aforesaid day, James Biden wrote a $200,000 cheque to 'Joseph R. Biden' from his individual relationship for a 'loan repayment.' At nan time, Joe had already near nan vice presidency position.

Republicans starring nan investigation into nan Biden family's 'influence peddling scheme' opportunity this individual cheque straight shows Joe was alert of - and included successful - his family's dealings.

On March 1, 2018, Americore wired a $200,000 indebtedness into nan individual slope relationship of James and Sara Biden 

James Biden wrote a $200,000 cheque to 'Joseph R. Biden' for a 'loan repayment'

According to nan tribunal documents, James made it look arsenic though 'he could get a ample finance from nan Middle East based connected his governmental connections.'

In a video put retired Friday by Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., he says that 'Americore—a distressed company—loaned money to James Biden who past sent it to Joe Biden.'

'Even if this was a individual indebtedness repayment, it's still troubling that Joe Biden's expertise to beryllium paid backmost by his relative depended connected nan occurrence of his family's shady financial dealings,' Comer states.

White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations Ian Sams called nan accusation put retired by nan Republicans 'failure theater' and a 'shiny entity to distract group from really they are incapable of doing nan basics of governing.'

'It’s nary coincidence they rushed retired a caller distraction specified minutes aft yet different grounded Speaker vote,' Sams continued. 

He went connected to opportunity location is 'zero grounds of wrongdoing by President Biden.'

In September, then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched nan impeachment enquiry - being led by Oversight.

Republicans opportunity slope records show that Biden family and associates raked successful much than $20 cardinal from China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania.

As portion of nan GOP-led probe, they said pinch nan president's boy Hunter's ex-business partner Devon Archer, who testified that President Biden was successful truth alert of his son's dealings and sat successful connected astatine slightest 20 calls and aggregate dinners pinch his son's business partners.

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