Republican congressman files for divorce amid rumored relationship with fellow House GOP colleague

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Rep. Rich McCormick (R-Ga.) filed for divorcement earlier this month and is rumored to beryllium romantically progressive pinch House GOP workfellow Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas).

The Georgia Republican revenge for divorcement from his woman of 12 years, Debra Miller, connected May 3, Gwinnett County tribunal records show.

A communal restraining bid was besides filed, arsenic is modular successful each divorcement cases successful nan cardinal Georgia county. 

McCormick revenge for divorcement from Miller earlier this month, a tribunal filing shows. Facebook/Richard McCormick

McCormick, 55, and Van Duyne, 53, person been rumored to beryllium an point since astatine slightest January, 1 root told The Post. 

Another root said they’ve been canoodling for complete a year. 

The Daily Mail first reported McCormick’s breakup and alleged narration pinch Van Duyne. 

In caller months, nan brace were spotted “holding hands nether nan table” during a Republican Study Committee lunch, a GOP personnel told nan outlet.  

The Post confirmed this relationship pinch a 3rd source.

The personnel has besides witnessed McCormick “’grab nan mini of her back” connected nan House floor.

Two individuals separately told nan Daily Mail that they’ve tally crossed McCormick and Van Duyne holding hands.

Van Duyne divided her ex-husband successful 2012, according to nan Dallas Morning News.

One root told The Post that McCormick and Van Duyne person been an point for complete a year. AP

A spokesperson for McCormick told The Post that nan congressman and his oncologist woman are separated, but wouldn’t opportunity for really agelong that’s been nan case. 

“Congressman McCormick and Dr. Miller person been separated for rather immoderate time,” nan spokesperson said. “He has kept that backstage and will proceed to support his individual life retired of nan media spotlight.”

McCormick’s rep besides told The Post that nan “rumor mill” connected Capitol Hill related to McCormick and Van Duyne is “old news,” but wouldn’t corroborate aliases contradict that nan lawmakers were successful a relationship. 

Van Duyne’s agency did not respond to The Post’s petition for comment. 

A spokesperson for McCormick said that he has been separated from his woman for “quite immoderate time.” Getty Images

When asked astir nan logic for nan divorce, McCormick’s woman told nan Daily Mail, “I’m judge that he will not beryllium forthcoming.” 

“You should inquire Rich and his colleague,” Miller said astir allegations of infidelity. 

The first-term congressman, who represents Georgia’s 6th District, shares 7 children pinch Miller. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) accused McCormick of getting “physically aggressive” pinch her past twelvemonth aft some lawmakers introduced competing resolutions to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). 

Greene lodged a title pinch House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) alleging that her workfellow “grabbed her by nan shoulders and shook her.”

McCormick later said he was simply trying to “encourage” Greene aft he opposed her censure solution and nan House precocious his, and that he instantly apologized to her.

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