Republican campaign arm hits Democrat Senate hopeful where it hurts: Scathing new ad accuses Ruben Gallego of 'walking out' on his family TWO weeks before child was born

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  • Rep. Gallego is successful a blistering Senate title pinch Republican Kari Lake
  • NRSC advertisement slams Gallego for leaving his pregnant woman successful 2016
  • Recent polling shows Gallego starring Lake successful nan battleground state

By Sarah Ewall-Wice, Senior U.S. Political Reporter

Published: 12:14 EDT, 18 April 2024 | Updated: 12:26 EDT, 18 April 2024

The Republican Senate run limb is retired pinch a scathing caller advertisement accusing Arizona Senate campaigner Ruben Gallego of being a 'deadbeat dad' arsenic nan Senate title successful nan battleground states heats up.

'One of life's top joys, becoming a parent, but days earlier that life changing moment, Ruben Gallego walked retired connected his family, abandoning his newborn son,' nan narrator says.

She goes connected 'if deadbeat dada Ruben Gallego would wantonness his ain family, he won't beryllium location for Arizonans erstwhile it matters most.'

Gallego, a Democratic congressman representing Arizona's 3rd district, is successful a bruising Senate title against Republican firebrand Kari Lake. 

The Real Clear Politics mean of polls successful nan title shows Gallego pinch a six constituent lead connected Lake.

Arizona is simply a awesome battleground travel November not conscionable successful nan statesmanlike title but besides for nan Senate spot arsenic Republicans look to retake nan majority.

Senate campaigner Ruben Gallego speaking astatine an arena pinch Vice President Kamala Harris connected April 12

Gallego is successful a adjacent title pinch Republican Senate campaigner Kari Lake

The 30-second advertisement was put retired by nan National Republican Senatorial Committee. 

'Arizona women can't spot a man who divided his woman erstwhile she was weeks distant from having their child,' said NRSC spokesperson Tate Mitchell successful a statement.

Gallego and ex-wife Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego separated successful 2016 while she was pregnant.

Gallego went connected to wed Sydney Barron successful 2021, and they welcomed a girl past July.

Despite their divorce, Mayor Gallego, a Democrat, endorsed Gallego precocious past twelvemonth successful his Senate bid to capable nan spot being vacated by retiring Senator Kyrsten Sinema. 

In her December 2023 endorsement, Mayor Gallego said he would do an 'excellent job.'

Rep. Gallego's lawyers person been fighting pinch nan Free Beacon to forestall his divorcement records from being unsealed.

Both Ruben and Kate Gallego has said small publically astir their determination to divided up calling it a backstage matter. 

The NRSC released a 30-second governmental advertisement attacking Rep. Gallego for leaving his woman successful 2016 while she was pregnant 

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego speaking astatine nan authorities Capitol connected April 9. Despite her divided pinch Rep. Gallego successful 2016 while she was pregnant, she endorsed him successful nan Senate title successful November

Gallego, an Iraq War veteran, has said it came astatine a clip erstwhile he was having  PTSD-induced 'outbursts.'

The congressman has been much unfastened astir his conflict pinch PTSD. He has said wanting to beryllium a amended begetter drove him to activity treatment.

Lake has attacked her force galore times complete nan timing of his divorce.

'I will not beryllium lectured connected motherhood by a man who near his woman erstwhile she was 9 months pregnant pinch his first child,' she wrote successful a station connected X past year.

The caller advertisement utilized images of a pregnant female and ultrasound images.

It comes arsenic Democrats person been attacking Lake heavy for flip-flopping connected abortion arsenic nan rumor has been a cardinal attraction successful nan Arizona title aft nan state's Supreme Court ruled a 1864 rule banning astir each abortion could beryllium upheld. 

Gallego went aft Lake for criticizing nan 1864 prohibition pursuing nan State Supreme Court determination aft she called it a 'great law' while moving for politician successful 2022. 

 Lake responded to his attacks by reposting those who slammed Gallego complete his divorce.

One repost said 'He is not, and ne'er has been, pro-woman aliases pro-family.'

Another repost publication 'Why did you wantonness your pregnant wife, Ruben?'

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