Rep. Jamaal Bowman mocked after attacking NY Post: ‘Odor of desperation’

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Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., astatine a run extremity successful White Plains, New York, connected June 11, 2024. Rep. Jamaal Bowman makes a run extremity successful White Plains, New York, connected June 11, 2024. AP

Socialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman ripped The New York Post connected X aft nan city’s insubstantial of grounds endorsed his superior opponent, Westchester County Executive George Latimer — but Bowman didn’t get nan guidance he expected.

“I americium proud to beryllium nan only campaigner successful nan NY-16 superior not endorsed by nan racist correct helping New York Post,” Bowman snarled Friday successful a station that went moderately viral.

But alternatively of plaudits from nan pinko faithful, Bowman — who polls show is down by double digits against Latimer — met a chorus of jeering.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman tried to mock NYPost — but was roasted himself. CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Bowman complained connected Twitter astir The Post’s endorsement of his superior rival. X/@JamaalBowmanNY

“Are you endorsed by Hamas?” mocked Arsen Ostrovsky successful an X comment.

Bowman has agelong called for a ceasefire that would let nan violent group to stay successful powerfulness successful Gaza and has freely appeared pinch supporters who celebrated their Oct 7 massacre successful Israel.

“I saw nan latest canvass and you’re down big. Seems for illustration an emergency worthy of pulling a occurrence alarm,” added Gideon Dabi, an opera vocalist and sound teacher, successful a station referencing Bowman’s infamous determination to pull a Capitol occurrence alarm during a authorities backing ballot past year.

Many others successful nan online peanut assemblage posted embarrassing information footage of nan incident, aliases simply near images of an alarm.

Another commenter twisted nan weapon further, saying Bowman’s run had an “odor of desperation.”

Chaskel Bennett, a Jewish-issues activistic successful New York City, noted Bowman was endorsed by nan wide Daily News. “But you sewage nan Squad and Hamas,” he added.

Other X comments focused connected his determination to propulsion a Capitol Hill occurrence siren past year. Twitter
Many online wondered if Bowman had been endorsed by Hamas. X/Ostrov_A

Bowman’s June 25 superior is 1 of nan astir intimately watched contests successful nan state and nan first clip a “Squad” lawmaker will look voters since Hamas’ Oct 7. slaughter.

Though overmuch of nan online speech has been dominated by his anti-Israel positions, nan title is expected to move connected much section issues. Bowman’s ballot against nan Biden infrastructure measure has been a accordant talking constituent from Team Latimer.

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