Reece James will start for Chelsea for the first time in nearly THREE MONTHS, Mauricio Pochettino confirms... as Blues boss reveals why Ben Chilwell is over in Los Angeles

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  • Reece James has not started for Chelsea since nan play opener vs Liverpool 
  • Mauricio Pochettino confirmed he will commencement successful nan Carabao Cup this midweek 
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By Nathan Salt For Mailonline

Published: 10:35 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 10:40 EDT, 31 October 2023

Reece James will commencement his first lucifer for Chelsea successful almost 3 months erstwhile they return connected Blackburn Rovers successful nan Carabao Cup connected Wednesday.

The Blues skipper has not started for nan Blues since nan play opener against Liverpool, pinch his return to action constituting of 2 cameos disconnected nan chair against Arsenal, wherever he played six minutes, and Brentford, wherever he sewage 23 minutes.

But leader Mauricio Pochettino, while keen to support astir of his squad secret, was thrilled to corroborate James would characteristic from nan off. 

'I tin corroborate he is going to start,' Pochettino said.

'The skipper is ready. It's bully for nan team, it's bully for him to commencement from nan beginning. We tin spot after, checking ever really he is performing.'

Mauricio Pochettino (left) will manus Reece James a first commencement successful almost 3 months this week

James has not played from nan commencement for Chelsea since nan play opener versus Liverpool

Pochettino and Chelsea are enduring a reliable play to day and conclusion astatine location to Brentford leaves them slumped 11th successful nan Premier League.

But Wednesday night's sojourn from Championship guidance intends they person a beardown chance of reaching nan quarter-finals of nan Carabao Cup, thing Pochettino is not fresh to overlook.  

'I told you before, astatine nan commencement of nan season, a title for illustration nan Carabao Cup aliases FA Cup is really important for us,' he said. 

'Tomorrow, we will effort to play pinch our champion team. Some players we will request to remainder because aft Saturday's crippled we can't return risks. But successful general, we will effort to play our champion team.

'All nan players request to beryllium fresh to play tomorrow, and past we will decide. We are going to return it very earnestly because we want to spell far. This is simply a title we tin spell done in.'

Pochettino is wished not to underestimate Blackburn Rovers successful nan Carabao Cup

Meanwhile, Pochettino explained why Ben Chilwell is rehabbing his wounded complete successful Los Angeles

He added: 'It's important for america to spell guardant successful this competition, to build momentum, and aft spell to Tottenham and person Manchester City pinch nan spot and nan assurance we tin hit them also.'

One subordinate who will not beryllium progressive is Ben Chilwell, pinch nan injured near backmost complete successful Los Angeles.  

Pochettino revealed that a alteration of segment was  ever portion of 'the plan' arsenic nan full-back rehabs a hamstring wounded that is group to support him retired until December.

'The scheme was to alteration nan script for him,' Pochettino added. 

'That happens successful different clubs. When it's a agelong play of recovery, sometimes we alteration nan scenarios for them.

'Twelve hours present each day, it's a awesome training ground, but sometimes nan subordinate needs to alteration nan ambiance and nan script to support their betterment successful a bully way. It's still difficult to cognize erstwhile he will beryllium back.'


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