Red Bull chief Helmut Marko slams Lando Norris as 'PATHETIC' after his crash with Max Verstappen... and reveals one change to their behaviour which suggests their bond is damaged

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  • Helmut Marko has branded Lando Norris arsenic 'pathetic' for his words connected nan radio
  • Norris has raged astir Verstappen and yet demanded an apology 
  • Verstappen refused to springiness successful and their narration could beryllium compromised  

By Luke Power

Published: 06:04 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 06:05 EDT, 3 July 2024

Helmut Marko has branded Lando Norris arsenic 'pathetic' and pinned blasted connected him pursuing his crash pinch Max Verstappen astatine nan Austrian GP on Sunday. 

The Red Bull head besides revealed an different alteration to Norris and Verstappen's behaviour towards each different afterwards which suggests their narration has soured. 

Verstappen and Norris inflamed nan statement of nan play erstwhile they collided astatine Turn 3 connected thigh 64. The 2 had been starring nan title comfortably but their tyres were ruined by nan clash, pinch nan erstwhile finishing 5th and nan second forced to retire. 

Verstappen was handed a 10-second clip punishment by nan stewards, who held him chiefly astatine fault, while Norris was fixed a five-second punishment for exceeding way limits - not that it mattered, fixed his retirement. 

Norris blamed Verstappen for moving nether braking consistently during nan title and for driving him disconnected track, while nan Dutchman claimed he had been 'divebombed' by nan Englishman.

Helmut Marko has slammed Lando Norris arsenic 'pathetic' pursuing his clang pinch Max Verstappen

The 2 came together astatine thigh 64 of nan Austrian GP, pinch stewards deciding Verstappen was much astatine fault 

Marko sided pinch his man. 'Norris's behaviour connected nan power was pathetic, he told Austrian outlet OE24. 

'But things for illustration that hap and I would constitute it disconnected arsenic a racing accident, though Norris was much apt to person overstepped nan mark.

'Norris' comments that Max should apologize are not very helpful. But they will meet to talk things out.

'They usually alert together, but this clip they were travelling separately. So Max had a quiet return flight.'

Their feud is truthful astonishing considering that nan 2 are specified adjacent friends. 

Verstappen and Norris person been friends since their karting days successful 2013 and are champion chums connected nan grid, often travelling and eating together. 

Last year, Verstappen called Norris his 'best friend connected nan grid' while nan second has vowed to study Dutch. 

However, Norris suggested their narration could beryllium compromised if Verstappen fails to apologise. 

Norris was furious and demanded an apology from his friend, saying he would 'lose respect' for him otherwise

Verstappen refused to backmost down and based on that 'he knew best' astir his driving

Norris had to discontinue pinch terrible harm while Verstappen, who had been leading, came fifth

George Russell picked up nan 2nd title triumph of his career, capitalising connected nan collision

'It depends connected what he says. If he says he did thing wrong, past I’ll suffer a batch of respect for him,' he said. 

‘If he admits to being a spot stupid and moving into maine and conscionable being a spot reckless, past I’ll person a mini magnitude of respect for that.

‘I expect a reliable conflict against Max. I expect aggression and pushing nan limits and that benignant of thing, but each 3 times we sewage adjacent doing worldly which tin easy origin an incident.

'In a way, it’s a spot reckless, a small spot hopeless from his side. It doesn’t request to be. I respect what he does but sometimes he goes excessively far.’

His friend, a three-time F1 World Champion, said: 'Always move my instrumentality earlier I brake and past of people you brake successful a consecutive statement trajectory. It's ever easy to opportunity I was moving nether braking but I deliberation nan feline successful nan car knows best. 

'I felt sometimes for illustration his divebombs and he's truthful precocious connected nan brakes... I deliberation it's besides conscionable nan style of nan area which provides these kinds of issues sometimes.'

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