Record-Breaking 2023 World Poker Tour Championship Headlines WPT December Events In Las Vegas

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WPT World Champion Eliot Hudon from Montreal tops section to triumph $4.13 cardinal astatine 2022 World Poker ... [+] Tour Championship No-Limit Hold 'em arena astatine Wynn Las Vegas.

World Poker Tour

The stakes and prize pools support getting bigger connected nan World Poker Tour stage. A grounds turnout is expected for nan $40 cardinal guarantee prize excavation arena opening Dec. 12 astatine Wynn Las Vegas. The 2nd version of nan 2023 WPT World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em tourney pinch a $10,400 buy-in has 4 starting flights and plays down to a TV Final Table connected Dec. 21.

But beyond nan WPT World Championship, nan World Poker Tour has different marquee events moving during nan poker show astatine Wynn Las Vegas from Nov. 29-Dec. 23.

Ryan Beauregard, Executive Director of Poker Operations astatine Wynn Las Vegas, on pinch Wynn Las Vegas Tournament Director Ray Pulford person been moving diligently pinch their poker unit to make judge nan Wynn guests and poker players bask nan champion tourney and rate crippled experiences available.

Their invention of ‘milestone satellites’ past twelvemonth person go a celebrated portion of nan poker tourney experience. Partnering pinch nan World Poker Tour past twelvemonth for nan World Championship Festival has only added to nan fame of poker and tourney experience.

“This show is truthful unsocial and expansive that it has quickly evolved into a year-round readying process,” Beauregard said a period up of nan WPT Festival. “The scope of this event, which will utilize 256 tables crossed 5 different areas, is overmuch larger this twelvemonth successful anticipation of nan section sizes we request to scope $56 Million successful full guarantees.”

Last year’s record-breaking WPT World Championship event featured a $29 cardinal prize excavation that was produced from a section of 2,960 entries. That was astir double nan $15 cardinal guarantee. Eliot Hudon from Montreal, Quebec, Canada emerged from nan section to triumph $4.1 cardinal and put his sanction connected nan Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup. The precocious Mike Sexton created nan original Tournament of Champions of poker backmost successful nan 1990s. Sexton was nan sound of nan WPT for 15 years, providing broadcast sum of nan World Poker Tour alongside existent commentator and WPT honoree Vince Van Patten.

World Poker Tour President Adam Pliska was portion of nan WPT startup backmost successful 2002. Sexton and Van Patten did nan first WPT show successful 2002 astatine nan Bellagio successful Las Vegas.

“The WPT has ever strived to cater to nan poker players,” Van Patten says. “The players put up nan money and gamble. We want to admit them and bring intermezo worth while giving nan players attraction and recognition.”

The ultimate guide to nan WPT World Championship

That includes WPT Ambassador Brad Owen, who cashed successful past year’s WPT World Championship arena for $99,000. Owen and chap WPT Ambassadors Andrew Neeme and poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey will big nan star-studded premier ‘Meet-Up Game’ (MUG) starting astatine 9 a.m. PT connected Dec. 1 to kickoff nan WPT Festival astatine Wynn Las Vegas. The rate games are held successful nan poker room astatine nan Encore, which is known arsenic nan Wynn poker room.

WPT 2023 World Championship Festival schedule

Along pinch 7 starting flights for nan $600 entry, $1 cardinal guarantee No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em arena starting Nov. 29, nan WPT astatine Wynn besides runs galore mini-tournament ‘satellites’ which connection poker players much affordable options to triumph a spot into nan bigger events for illustration nan $5 million, WPT Prime Championship and $40 cardinal WPT World Championship. Satellites commencement astatine $400 and large turnouts are expected pinch a minimum of 25 seats fixed distant to winners astatine each milestone satellite.

The $1600 entry, $2 cardinal guarantee prize excavation Mystery Bounty No-Limit Hold ‘em tourney starting Dec. 4 is besides a astir celebrated tourney for poker players. Additional rate prizes are awarded to surviving players connected Day 2 who sound retired different poker players from nan tournament.

The World Poker Tour broadcasts Main Tour events passim nan U.S. The shows are presently commentated by Tony Dunst and Vince Van Patten on pinch anchor Lynn Gilmartin. WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage oversees nan tournaments and unrecorded arena action.

“Simply put, I deliberation nan WPT World Championship astatine Wynn Las Vegas is dissimilar immoderate different poker tourney experience,” Beauregard said. “The temper and ambiance of nan tourney areas is vibrant, friends and social, and everyone who attended past year’s arena had very affirmative feedback.”

The luxurious Wynn Las Vegas - a Forbes Five Star Award-winning edifice - partners pinch nan World Poker Tour for this year’s extremity of nan play tourney series. The WPT Championship Series events person been a immense hit, and will beryllium a staple of nan year-end WPT World Championship successful Las Vegas successful nan years ahead.

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