Rashee Rice's lawyer set to hold news conference in Dallas after Chiefs Super Bowl winner finally took responsibility for multivehicle smash with social media statement

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  • A news convention is group for Thursday successful Dallas, wherever nan incident happened
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By Eric Blum

Published: 12:31 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 12:52 EDT, 4 April 2024

Rashee Rice's lawyer is group to clasp a news convention successful Dallas connected Thursday afternoon, updating nan nationalist connected nan multiple-vehicle hit-and-run clang nan Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver was progressive successful past weekend. 

The convention is expected to commencement astatine 2:30 Eastern clip pinch Rice's lawyer, State Sen. Royce West, speaking successful beforehand of nan media. 

A nationalist update comes 1 time aft Rice personally said connected nan situation, yet taking work for his domiciled successful nan incident.  

'Today I met pinch Dallas PD investigators regarding Saturday's accident,' Rice said successful a societal media statement. 

'I return afloat work for my portion successful this matter and will proceed to cooperate pinch nan basal authorities. I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted successful Saturday's accident,' Rice continued. 

Rice was progressive successful a multiple-car mishap successful Dallas while appearing to velocity connected nan highway

Rice conscionable vanished his first play successful nan NFL, winning nan Super Bowl pinch nan Chiefs

The clang progressive six vehicles connected Saturday, which injured astatine slightest 4 group and near aggregate vehicles damaged, per section police. 

Rice's question and reply pinch nan Dallas Police Department connected Wednesday is believed to beryllium nan first clip he said pinch authorities connected nan incident. 

Dallas PD person confirmed its investigation of nan mishap is ongoing. 

Rice's nonstop engagement successful nan clang is still unclear. The 2 cars speeding successful nan incident, a Lamborghini Urus and a Chevrolet Corvette are registered, leased, aliases were rented to him. 

Rice is primitively from North Richland Hills, Texas, a Dallas suburb and played assemblage shot astatine Southern Methodist University, who precocious joined nan ACC. 

The 23-year-old is understood to person leased nan Lamborghini from a institution called Classic Lifestyle. The rental agency alleges that his lease statement states he is nan only personification allowed to thrust nan vehicle. 

Kyle Coker, nan lawyer representing The Classic Lifestyle, says that Rice was successful nan Lamborghini astatine nan clip of nan crash, contempt constabulary suspecting that he was down nan instrumentality of nan Corvette.  

A female progressive successful nan multi-car clang involving Rice reportedly said nan mishap put her 4-year-old boy successful threat and nan men speeding walked distant from nan clang tract without sympathy.

The woman, identified arsenic 27-year-old Kayla Quinn, said her car was swiped connected nan driver's broadside and watched nan clang unfold.

Footage of nan mishap was posted to societal media that sees respective cars damaged

Dashcam footage of nan mishap shows erstwhile nan clang started connected a awesome road successful Dallas

Multiple vehicles spun aliases flipped successful nan air, per the Dallas Morning News, while Quinn saw personification from a Lamborghini pulled different unfortunate retired of a Corvette.

Quinn told nan DMN a brace of achromatic cleats were near successful nan backmost of nan Lamborghini. She besides said different witnesser saw guns and bags taken from nan vehicles earlier nan 5 men near nan scene. 

'No 1 stopped,' Quinn said to nan DMN. 'We had children, like, we had kids, you cognize what I’m saying? It’s nan truth that location was nary sympathy shown to wherever y’all tin moreover person nan decency to extremity and cheque to make judge someone’s OK, someone’s alive, you know?'

Quinn reportedly provided a video of nan incident to nan DMN showing a man successful a achromatic t-shirt locomotion by nan clang site, allegedly from nan Lamborghini.

Quinn's boy was checked retired by paramedics astatine nan segment of nan mishap and was deemed to beryllium alright. 

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