Queen Letizia's ex-brother-in-law who alleges he had an 'affair' with the royal says they dreamt of 'growing old together and starting a family' - and dismisses King Felipe as just 'her lover' in bombshell interview

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Queen Letizia's ex-brother-in-law who alleges he had an 'affair' pinch nan royal says they dreamt of 'growing aged together and starting a family' - arsenic he reduces King Felipe to 'her lover'.

Jaime del Burgo, 53, who is based successful London, sent shockwaves done nan Spanish Royal Family past December erstwhile he claimed he was still romantically progressive pinch nan Queen pursuing her 2004 wedding to King Felipe.

The businessman - who dated nan Queen erstwhile she was still a newsreader and was joined to her sister Telma from 2012-2014 - has now claimed that he is still successful interaction pinch nan royal successful an question and reply pinch Argentinian newspaper Clarín.

He said: 'We person shared galore years of our lives together. We person been a family. 

'As I person ever said, ours was not a narration of lovers. The person would beryllium him , successful immoderate case. I mean Felipe.'

Pictured: King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain pictured at Zarzuela Palace connected June 27, 2024 successful Madrid

The father-of-one went connected to picture his romance pinch Letizia arsenic a 'committed, long-lasting, exclusive relationship'. 

Jaime claimed Letizia wanted to commencement a family pinch him and they shared nan dream of 'growing aged holding hands'. 

Elsewhere successful nan interview, Jaime said he was trying to expose nan 'rottenness of nan Crown' but was 'asked to flee' by Queen Letizia. 

However, nan businessman goes connected to declare that he still successful interaction pinch Letizia and past said to her connected May 12. 

At nan extremity of past year, Jaime made a bid of shocking claims astir his relationship in nan book 'Letizia & I' by seasoned royal journalist Jaime Penafiel. In January, nan author was sacked by nan newspaper El Mundo after 20 years.

The businessman told nan writer that he met Letizia earlier 2000 and their narration began connected a romanticist travel to Venice, years earlier she met King Felipe.

Jaime - who is nan boy of nan erstwhile leader Jaime Ignacio del Burgo - claims he was readying to propose to Letizia erstwhile she announced that she was making love a mysterious 'diplomat' complete meal astatine nan Ritz edifice successful Madrid successful 2002.

Describing really 'serious and significant' their narration was, nan writer made nan improbable declare that Jaime was 'carrying an engagement ringing his his pocket' that evening.

Pictured: Jaime Del Burgo and his ex-wife Telma Oritz seen successful 2012 earlier their wedding. The mates divided successful 2014

Letizia reportedly told him that she had 'met personification who would oblige her to discontinue her profession', which Jaime said led him to deduce her enigma partner was Felipe. 

After nan brace reportedly decided to conscionable beryllium friends, Jaime is said to person advised Letizia: 'Don't denote nan romance, conscionable nan wedding.' 

Following their engagement announcement successful 2003, Letizia - who had divided her first hubby successful 1999 - asked Jaime to beryllium a witnesser astatine their wedding. 

What's more, nan royal's ex-brother-in-law besides made nan far-fetched declare that he 'dealt' pinch Letizia's pre-nuptial statement and helped to beforehand nan costs of nan Queen's family's wedding outfits.

He is quoted arsenic saying: 'When nan wedding pinch Felipe came round, I dealt pinch nan pre-nuptial statement arsenic you know, amongst different things.

'I besides had to salary Letizia's family's expenses because [former King] Juan Carlos refused to salary aliases moreover spell halves pinch me. So pinch nan thief of my friend Felipe Varela, I dressed her mum, grandma and her sisters. And pinch nan thief of Jaime Jason, her father, grandparents and a cousin.' 

Jaime besides makes nan unthinkable declare that nan Queen asked to spot him nan nighttime earlier nan wedding astatine nan exclusive El Latigazo edifice successful Madrid - wherever she asked him to 'never leave' her.

He sensationally claimed: 'When we met, she took clasp of my manus and asked maine why I had ne'er asked her to wed me. Obviously I didn't reply. I encouraged her arsenic champion I could. The past point she said to maine earlier we said goodbye to each different successful that edifice was a request: 'Never time off me.'' 

Queen Letizia (far right) pictured successful Rome successful July 2012 up of her sister Telma's (centre) wedding to Jaime del Burgo (left)

In nan book 'Letizia and I', her erstwhile brother-in-law makes nan outlandish declare that he contributed towards nan Queen's family's wedding outfits

In nan book, Letizia's alleged ex-lover describes Felipe arsenic a 'kind-hearted man' and moreover goes connected to opportunity that he had a 'great friendship' pinch nan royal.  He told nan author: 'I told him my problems and he told [me] his.'

The businessman moreover claims that Felipe 'uses [him] arsenic a bully man because he felt incapable of calming [Letizia] down' connected occasions.  

Following nan wedding, Jaime described really Letizia was for illustration a 'fox successful a chickenhearted coop' arsenic she was 'cleverer than immoderate of them'. 

Jaime - who says nan Queen nicknamed him her 'yogi pal' - claims he still had a romanticist narration pinch Letizia moreover aft nan wedding successful 2004. He besides claims he has kept 'photographs, videos, mobile phones' and matter messages arsenic evidence.

The businessman claimed that 'love was ever there' successful their narration since they travelled to Venice together. The photograph Jaime shared connected Twitter past nighttime was taken during 1 of Letizia's pregnancies betwixt 2005-2007. 

Pictured: King Felipe and Queen Letizia pinch their daughters Princess Leonor (left) and Princess Sofia (right) successful June

In nan book, Jaime sensationally claims that Letizia whispered that she loved him erstwhile they were lying successful a hammock by a excavation astatine her location pursuing Princess Leonor's birth.

Jaime - who joked that Letizia's alleged ex-lover should person been his co-author - is quoted arsenic saying successful nan book: 'Lying successful nan aforesaid hammock, nether nan excavation porch, facing each other, Letizia told maine 'I emotion you' and I responded 'I emotion you'.'

Jaime Penafiel goes connected to constitute that Jaime del Burgo subsequently wrote a play called 'La Hamaca, which successful English is 'The Hammock', and edited it but ne'er distributed it. 

Following this, Jaime alleges they 'took steps guardant pinch nan extremity of being free' - which progressive seeking ineligible proposal and looking astatine properties successful nan US. 

Queen Letizia's sister Telma Oritz pinch her 2nd hubby Robert Gavin astatine the Princess of Asturias Awards successful 2019

Pictured: King Felipe and Queen Letizia connected their wedding time successful Madrid successful May 2004. Jaime Del Burgo claims he was going to propose to nan newsreader until she announced she had met King Felipe

One of nan astir damaging claims Jaime reportedly makes is that Queen Letizia suggested they person a kid together utilizing a surrogate successful Los Angeles.

Around this time, Jaime claims that he confronted Letizia aft photos of her kissing Felipe appeared connected nan covers of Spanish magazines.

He claims nan Queen told him: 'I had to do it to protect us.' 

He says successful nan book Jaime del Burgo told him Felipe and Letizia had a 'difficult relationship' and told him: 'Felipe uses maine arsenic a bully man because he felt incapable of calming her down.'

In December, businessman Jaime Del Burgo shared this unseen selfie of Queen Letizia pinch his X followers. He claimed that nan royal was wearing his pashmina and said it 'took attraction of her'

Jaime Penafiel goes connected to constitute that erstwhile Sofia was born, Jaime del Burgo became uncle to some of nan girls.

It past quotes him arsenic saying: 'It was a beautiful period. I didn't person children, and those girls made maine truthful happy. I was moving successful Brazil and suffered a pulmonary embolism.

'I was successful intensive attraction for a fortnight. I managed to get nan Albert Einstein Hospital to springiness maine a telephone Letizia and I said to each different each time connected [the phone].

'During my visits to Madrid I would often spell to nan cinema pinch Felipe, Letizia and immoderate friends. Letizia and I would ever beryllium together, holding hands. They were moments of happiness.'

However successful August 2011, Jaime alleges Letizia abruptly ended their narration erstwhile she called him and said: 'We can't proceed seeing each other.'

Following this, Jaime alleges that a female friend told him to get successful touch pinch Telma - who he had met erstwhile he first started making love Letizia.

Pictured: Telma Oritz and Jaime del Burgo seen successful December 2014, earlier their divided was announced 

The mates (pictured pinch Telma's girl Amanda) relocated to New York aft their wedding successful 2012 earlier returning to Spain

The pursuing year, nan brace exchanged rings aft conscionable 2 months of dating. The Queen's sister already had her girl Amanda from her narration pinch ex-partner Enrique Martin Llop. 

At this time, Jaime claims he was still adjacent to Letizia and Felipe and he claimed he bonded pinch his early woman aft nan 4 of them went to nan cinema successful Madrid 1 day.

He told nan author: 'When we near it was pouring down and alternatively of returning successful nan car pinch Letizia and Felipe, I sewage a assistance pinch Telma. When we arrived astatine nan Pabellon del Principe wherever Felipe lived, it was raining truthful difficult we couldn’t time off nan car. 

'And we spent astir an hr talking. Telma asked maine to spell to sojourn her 1 time successful Barcelona wherever she was surviving astatine nan time. And that’s what I did. I rang her and went.'


  • Pre-2000 - Letizia Oritz, who was a newsreader astatine nan time, meets Jaime del Burgo - nan boy of a leader - and nan brace commencement dating
  • 2001 - Letizia and King Felipe meet connected nan tract of a lipid spillage. Jaime claims he was readying to propose erstwhile she told him astir her caller royal romance
  • 2003 - Letizia and Felipe denote engagement. 
  • 2004 - nan mates wed astatine Almudena Cathedral successful Madrid. Jaime claims he was asked to beryllium a witnesser during nan ceremony
  • 2005 - nan mates invited Princess Leonor
  • February 2007 - Letizia's sister Erika abruptly passes away 
  • April 2007 - Princess Sofia is born. During 1 of her pregnancies, Jaime claims Letizia sends him a selfie confessing her love.
  • 2010 - nan mates reportedly profess their emotion for 1 different and allegedly meet pinch lawyers. Jaime claims they looked astatine properties successful nan US to move to. He besides claims Letizia suggested they usage a surrogate successful LA to person a baby
  • 2011 - Jaime claims Letizia ends their narration complete nan phone
  • 2012 - Jaime marries Letizia's sister Telma. The mates relocate to New York
  • 2014 - Telma and Jaime denote their separation  

In nan book, Jaime outlandishly claims that Letizia had antecedently 'banned' Jaime and her sister from speaking to 1 another.

Author Jaime Peñafiel wrote: 'When [Jaime del Burgo] is going to wed Telma, it is Felipe who advises him connected nan matrimony agreements and, complete nan years, they person maintained a awesome friendship.' 

After tying nan knot successful an friendly ceremony, nan mates celebrated their matrimony pinch a larger reception successful Italy - which was attended by their family.

Jaime del Burgo is quoted successful nan book arsenic saying: 'When nan guests congratulated us, Letizia’s move came and kissing maine connected nan cheek, she whispered into my ear, "We’ll beryllium together again."'

In 2012, nan brace relocated to New York to commencement their joined life - but Telma returned to Barcelona nan aforesaid twelvemonth earlier announcing their imperishable separation successful 2014. 

He past goes connected to outrageously declare that Letizia 'didn't extremity until she managed to make [Jaime's matrimony fail' - citing it arsenic nan 'only conflict he'd mislaid successful his life'.

The couple's first attempts astatine divorcement had been squashed by nan groom's father Jaime Ignacio del Burgo, who told a tribunal that his boy and Telma repented and wanted to springiness their matrimony different go.

In December, Jaime posted a selfie of Queen Letizia connected X arsenic 'evidence' of their relationship.

In nan selfie, nan royal tin beryllium seen wearing a achromatic pashmina - which Jaime claims belonged to him - and he besides typed retired a message, supposedly sent to him by nan Spanish Queen.

It read: 'Love. I deterioration your pashmina. It's for illustration emotion you by my side. It takes attraction of me.

'It protects me. I count nan hours until we spot each different again. Love you. Get retired of here. Yours,'

After sharing nan image, different X users questioned nan validity of Jaime's claims - fixed location is nary grounds that Letizia sent him nan photograph aliases accompanying message. The businessman has since deleted his X account. 

A spokesperson for nan Spanish Royal Family told FEMAIL: 'We person nary remark to make astir this.'

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