Quarterback Call Awaits Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots Over Bye

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The New England Patriots turned from starting backmost Mac Jones to backup Bailey Zappe pinch 1:52 ... [+] remaining successful Sunday's 10-6 nonaccomplishment to nan Indianapolis Colts. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

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Three quarterbacks reside connected nan New England Patriots’ progressive roster. Which 1 starts adjacent remains to beryllium seen.

But aft Mac Jones was benched pinch 4:25 remaining successful Frankfurt, Germany, aft an underthrow successful nan reddish area disconnected his backmost ft became his tenth interception, location apt is nary correct answer.

The 10-6 nonaccomplishment to nan Indianapolis Colts marked nan third time this play that nan squad skipper had been pulled. The previous, though, came successful games that were retired of reach. In a free autumn astatine 2-8, nan remainder is retired of scope and has been.

Ahead is nan bye week to find wherever nan remainder of 2023 will spell nether halfway and elsewhere.

“We conscionable sewage backmost from Germany,” Patriots caput coach Bill Belichick told reporters during his Monday video conference astatine Gillette Stadium. “We’ll activity done everything. We’ll look astatine everything, each nan measurement crossed nan board. Not specifically 1 position, but conscionable look astatine everything and do nan champion we tin present going forward.”

Jones vanished 15-of-20 passing for 170 yards astatine Deutsche Bank Park to spell pinch nan prime by information Julian Blackmon.

The erstwhile No. 15 wide prime retired of Alabama was sacked 5 times successful nan first half, including 4 times connected 3rd down. His longest completion came connected a surface for 30 yards to rookie receiver Demario Douglas arsenic clip expired going into intermission. A late, underhanded flip successful nan level to moving backmost Rhamondre Stevenson followed. So did an animated sideline chat pinch violative coordinator Bill O’Brien.

The Patriots turned to backup Bailey Zappe pinch 1:52 to play and nary timeouts.

“Yeah, no, conscionable nan measurement nan crippled was going,” Belichick said erstwhile asked whether nan determination to move quarterbacks was cumulative.

Zappe, nan 2022 fourth-round pick by measurement of Houston Baptist and Western Kentucky, cleared waivers astatine nan league’s roster deadline successful August and began September connected believe squad. His lone thrust Sunday ended seconds aft a conversion connected fourth-and-1. It ended pinch a clone threat and an errant downfield propulsion into a crowd of Colts protect backs that included nan intercepting Rodney Thomas II.

“Well, Bailey’s had immoderate opportunities,” Belichick said. “I deliberation he’s prepared good each week. We’ve called connected him successful nan extremity of a mates games, 3 games, I conjecture it was. So, I deliberation he stepped successful and did nan champion he could. Was it perfect? No. Were location immoderate affirmative things? Yes.”

In 3 alleviation appearances arsenic an NFL sophomore, Zappe has completed 10-of-25 passes for 104 yards and Sunday’s turnover. The emergency 3rd backmost down him has been Will Grier, an presence disconnected nan believe squad of nan Cincinnati Bengals who started 2 games arsenic a rookie pinch nan Carolina Panthers successful 2019.

“Will’s surely improving each week successful position of knowing and moving pinch his teammates and moving nan scout squad and executing nan plays that he has nan opportunity to,” Belichick said of nan West Virginia product. “There’s conscionable not a batch of opportunities for nan 3rd position, which is wherever he’s been, but he’s taken advantage of nan ones that he’s had.”

Undrafted rookie Malik Cunningham, who returned to nan believe squad successful October aft 10 days connected nan 53-man roster, rounds retired nan backmost room arsenic a developmental action successful betwixt positions.

The Patriots are successful between, too.

The 2-8 New York Giants big Week 12 astatine MetLife Stadium.

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