Pundits SLAM 'weak' penalty given to Turkey in crucial clash with Wales and claim that Kenan Yildiz 'dived' for the visitors in 1-1 draw... as Rob Page's side head for Euro 2024 play-offs

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  • Turkey were awarded a arguable punishment during their conflict pinch Wales 
  • Pundits claimed that Kenan Yildiz 'dived' for nan visitors during nan 1-1 draw 
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By James Cohen For Mailonline

Published: 16:53 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 16:58 EST, 21 November 2023

Pundits person lamented nan 'weak' punishment fixed to Turkey during their 1-1 tie pinch Wales connected Tuesday night. 

Rob Page's broadside will caput to nan Euro 2024 play-offs pursuing nan consequence successful Cardiff, aft finishing 3rd successful their qualifying group - 4 points down Croatia. 

The hosts had lead connected nan nighttime aft Neco Williams' early onslaught earlier Turkey drew level successful arguable manner during nan second-half. 

In nan 70th minute, Turkey's Kenan Yildiz went down successful nan punishment area aft a ray coming together pinch Wales defender Ben Davies. 

There looked to beryllium minimal interaction nevertheless nan referee pointed to nan spot and Yusuf Yazici made nary correction successful placing his effort into nan backmost of nan net. 

Turkey were awarded a arguable punishment aft Kenan Yildiz went down successful nan punishment area aft a coming together pinch Wales defender Ben Davies 

Yusuf Yazici made nary correction successful scoring nan spot-kick and earning his constituent a broadside connected nan night

Speaking connected Sky Sports, erstwhile Wales guardant Robert Earnshaw said: 'I'm bemused. For me, this is weak. He's dived beautiful much.

'The 3 that Wales had turned down looked measurement much punishment than this.'

'Unbelievable. He's virtually conscionable nudged him, a weak, anemic penalty. Devastating front arsenic Wales looked solid, this is simply a very bad decision, very weak. That is very, very poor'.

Meanwhile Nathan Blake, connected BBC Radio 5 Live Wales, said: 'They tin consciousness highly difficult done by, you person to say.

'The striker, you saw by his reaction, he sewage up and was screaming for illustration he'd conscionable scored nan victor successful nan 90th minute.'

Rob Page’s squad had taken an early lead against Turkey done Neco Williams and pinch Croatia still drafting 0-0 astatine location to Armenia, Wales were successful 2nd spot and heading for a spot astatine Euro 2024 adjacent summer.

Yet erstwhile nan Cardiff crowd learned Ante Budimir had fixed Croatia nan lead successful nan 43rd minute, nan bubble burst.

It meant that they nary longer qualified automatically and will now look nan Euro 2024 play-offs - pinch Turkey and Croatia finishing first and 2nd respectively. 

More to follow... 


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