PROFESSOR ROB GALLOWAY: Don't ditch your mobile just yet, but here are the three things we know DO harm male fertility

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As I write, I person successful beforehand of maine nan printout of a 12-week scan, which reveals nan awesome news that my woman and I are having a babe successful May.

As a comparatively older dada astatine 46, I'd been worried astir my chances of conceiving. Stories astir men (mostly stone stars) aged capable to beryllium great-grandads becoming fathers person helped provender nan celebrated belief that property doesn't impact antheral fertility.

In fact, that thought was put to furniture successful 2007 by a study, published successful nan diary Andrologia, involving much than 6,000 men, which showed that, arsenic you age, sperm count falls; for example, those aged 55 had little than half nan number than those aged 30 to 35.

The bad news is that it's not conscionable astir ageing, pinch information now showing that sloppy of age, wide sperm count and nan wellness of those sperm is falling.

A awesome reappraisal published successful nan diary Human Reproduction Update analysed 223 studies from 1973 to 2018 and recovered that sperm count had fallen by 68 per cent, and sperm attraction by 51.6 per cent, pinch nan steepest falls occurring aft 2000, erstwhile location was a driblet of 2.6 per cent successful sperm attraction each year.

Stories astir men aged capable to beryllium great-grandads becoming fathers person helped provender nan celebrated belief that property doesn't impact antheral fertility

Of course, it's not conscionable nan numbers that matter, it's besides sperm motility (how good they swim) and their morphology (their style and if they are structurally sound).

But this diminution successful sperm amount is simply a worry; up to 1 successful six couples has trouble conceiving, pinch antheral infertility a facet successful half nan cases.

What's going on? Should we blasted mobile phones? That was nan proposal of a much-publicised caller study successful nan diary Andrology. The communicative was covered everywhere, pinch worrisome headlines. And you cognize what, nan study information really did look beautiful scary: a squad successful Switzerland recovered that if you utilized your telephone much than 20 times a day, you had a 21 per cent simplification successful sperm count compared pinch those who utilized it less than 10 times daily; and for each summation successful regular usage (starting from zero), sperm count fell by 1 per cent.

That's alarming - particularly for those of america who ever person our phones connected daily. But earlier you ditch your mobile, fto maine explicate what this study didn't show.

First, moreover though sperm counts were lower, they were still measurement supra levels that frighten fertility.

Even much significantly, this study looked astatine semen samples from men aged 18 to 22 astatine an appraisal centre for their beingness suitability for service service.

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They filled successful questionnaires including astir their wellness status, intoxicant consumption, weight, smoking and mobile usage and wherever they usually kept their phone. Surprisingly, wherever nan telephone was kept didn't matter to sperm counts: they dropped sloppy of whether men kept their mobile successful their trousers aliases successful a bag. But if nan telephone damaged sperm, surely those who kept their telephone successful their trousers would beryllium much affected than those who kept nan telephone successful their bags?

That's 1 bully logic to return this study pinch a pinch of salt.

The usage of mobile phones besides had nary effect connected cardinal aspects of sperm health. In fact, location are hints that it improved it; those who utilized their telephone much than 20 times a time compared pinch less than 5 times, had amended sperm motility and normal morphology. This could beryllium owed to chance, but it is still different mobility people astir nan study.

So what did we study from it? That location is simply a relationship betwixt higher mobile telephone usage and little sperm count. But relationship does not mean it's a cause.

A awesome illustration of this is coffee. For years it had a bad sanction because studies showed that java drinkers were much apt to create lung cancer. But we now cognize this was because successful nan past java drinkers were often smokers and it was nan smoking causing nan cancer, not java (which successful truth has galore wellness benefits).

The study suggested immoderate different imaginable causes - nan young men who utilized their mobiles smoked and drank more, and had higher levels of obesity. But past again, moreover nan 'virtuous' participants still had little sperm counts.

I fishy what was really going connected was that this study progressive young men - 18 to 22-year-olds - and they were astir apt masturbating more.

Data published successful nan diary Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynaecology has shown that nan much predominant this behaviour is, nan little measurement and attraction of sperm - successful different words, it leads to a driblet successful sperm count (but again, not anyplace adjacent to a level that would impact fertility).

My biggest interest astir nan caller study, and nan logic I'm not jumping to get free of my ain mobile phone, is because of nan clip framework of nan research, which ran betwixt 2005 and 2018. During this time, arsenic good arsenic utilizing our phones more, arsenic a organization we've go unhealthier: we've been doing little workout and eating much processed nutrient (and younger group person been utilizing much illicit narcotics specified arsenic cannabis, which is known to trim sperm count).

Maybe these are what caused nan declining sperm count, and nan truth that nan men who utilized their mobiles much fared worse was conscionable a coincidence.

The bottommost statement is this caller study does not beryllium that greater mobile telephone usage has led to dropping sperm counts.

Separately, what we do cognize is that oxidative accent damages sperm DNA and reduces sperm count, arsenic do little levels of testosterone. Anything that affects either of these 2 factors connected a organization ground would lend to nan falling sperm counts.

Culprits see expanding usage of plastics, rising levels of obesity, smoking, alcohol, deficiency of workout and mediocre diet.

So what tin you do if you're worried astir your sperm count?

This was thing that affected maine a mates of years ago: my caller partner and I wanted children and nan first hurdle we had to flooded was my ain self-induced complication, needing to person a vasectomy reversal.

But pursuing nan successful operation, we had not conceived aft a fewer months of trying. It was astatine this constituent I started to investigation what could amended our chances.

The diminution successful sperm amount is simply a worry; up to 1 successful six couples has trouble conceiving, pinch antheral infertility a facet successful half nan cases

I identified 3 factors that weren't conscionable associated pinch but were really proven to thief antheral fertility, pinch rigorous, randomised controlled trials.

And no, ditching my mobile wasn't 1 of them.

The first was losing weight. In a study published successful Human Reproduction successful 2022, erstwhile overweight men - galore of them up to 15kg supra a patient BMI - went connected an eight-week low-calorie fare (800 calories a day), their sperm count accrued by 50 per cent.

These improvements remained for a twelvemonth successful men who maintained nan weight loss, but not successful men who regained nan weight.

Exercise matters, too. When men who went pinch their partner to a fertility session were fixed an intensive workout regimen, their sperm count accrued by 21 per cent compared pinch those who didn't do nan exercise, according to a study successful 2015 published successful nan diary Reproduction (the men did a operation of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises). But note, nan workout must not see cycling arsenic nan unit from nan saddle connected nan testicles straight damages sperm.

And finally, diet: this intends eating nutrient shown to trim oxidative stress. In 2018, nan American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that eating 60g of mixed nuts erstwhile a time for 14 weeks accrued men's sperm count and motility and reduced signs of DNA damage.

Other investigation has shown that taking food lipid could amended sperm motility successful infertile men.

I tried each 3 strategies (at nan clip I was 10kg excessively heavy) — and wrong 3 months we'd conceived and now person a awesome boy and different babe connected nan way. (Along pinch my 3 pre-vasectomy children!)

The bottommost statement is that mobile phones whitethorn aliases whitethorn not harm sperm. I've not stopped utilizing mine, but if you want to protect your fertility, do what we cognize works: travel nan science.


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