Principal of elite NYC school wants probe over dead mouse found on secretary’s desk

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The blurred retired rodent connected a achromatic mousepad adjacent to a achromatic rodent pinch a almanac underneath nan mousepad Rodent remains were recovered connected nan secretary's table astatine nan elite Queens HS for nan Sciences astatine York College. Obtained by The New York Post

The main suspects a soiled rat.

Ana De Jesus, main of Queens HS for nan Sciences astatine York College — 1 of nan city’s nine, elite  specialized precocious schools — has asked nan Special Commissioner of Investigation to look into whether “someone” put a dormant rodent adjacent to nan schoolhouse secretary’s machine mouse, staffers told The Post.

In a May 22 email to nan QHSS staff, De Jesus said caput Sharda Gosine recovered nan lifeless rodent connected her mousepad that morning:

Ana De Jesus, PhD Principal smiles stares into nan cameraDe Jesus believes nan dormant rodent whitethorn person been intentionally placed connected nan desk. Linkedin Ana De Jesus

“I moreover saw it myself erstwhile I came into work,” nan main said, forwarding a photograph of nan ill-fated critter atop nan desk.

It whitethorn not beryllium an accident, according to De Jesus.

“There is simply a anticipation that nan rodent could person been placed by someone,” she wrote. “I person reported this incident to SCI for further investigation.”

The incident “may represent harassment and nan creation of a dispute environment,” De Jesus said.

It’s unclear whether nan agency charged pinch probing DOE worker misconduct will dive into “Mousegate.”

“SCI has received this complaint, and we are presently evaluating nan matter to find adjacent steps,” a  spokesperson said Friday. .

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