Police in Australia search for child reportedly attacked by a crocodile

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Police successful Australia’s Northern Territory were searching Wednesday for a 12-year-old kid feared to person been attacked by a crocodile.

The kid was reported missing connected Tuesday evening and was past seen swimming successful a creek successful Palumpa, a distant organization of about 350 group that is 7 hours’ thrust from nan territory’s capital, Darwin. Initial reports indicated location had been a crocodile attack.

“Local officers are connected segment and our thoughts are pinch nan family and nan community,” Senior Sergeant Erica Gibson said successful a statement.

“Officers are presently searching a ample conception of nan creek via vessel and we convey nan organization for their ongoing assistance.”

There are estimated to beryllium much than 100,000 saltwater crocodiles successful nan chaotic successful nan Northern Territory, wherever they person been protected from wide culls and hunting since 1971. They are nan largest type of crocodile successful nan world and tin scope up to 20 feet successful length, though fatal attacks connected humans are comparatively uncommon.

Last month, a saltwater crocodile that had reportedly lunged astatine humans and snatched pets successful different portion of nan territory was captured, killed and made into a feast for section residents.

Citing nan threat to quality safety, Northern Territory officials accrued nan number of crocodiles allowed to beryllium removed annually to 1,200 from 300 successful a 10-year guidance scheme released this year.

Aishwarya Thapa Chhetri

Aishwarya Thapa Chhetri is an intern for NBC News based successful Hong Kong.

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