Police drop all charges against footy stars Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton a day after top cop admitted giving false evidence

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  • Sensational improvement connected Wednesday morning 
  • Sergeant admitted his grounds against Wighton was false 
  • Officer apologised to Wighton successful tribunal connected Tuesday 

By Ellen Ransley For Nca Newswire

Published: 19:39 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 20:54 EDT, 31 October 2023

Charges against rugby convention stars Latrell Mitchell and Jack Wighton person been dropped, a time aft a elder constabulary serviceman progressive successful their arrests admitted to giving mendacious grounds to nan court.

The pair, who are distant cousins and are now teammates astatine Souths, person spent nan past 2 days successful ACT Magistrates Court complete incidents alleged to person occurred connected a nighttime retired for Mr Wighton's 30th day successful Canberra successful February.

Mr Wighton was charged pinch contravening an removal bid and fighting successful a nationalist place, while Mr Mitchell was charged pinch fighting successful a nationalist place, affray, and resisting territory official.

Mitchell (left) and Wighton (right, pictured extracurricular tribunal connected Wednesday) are successful nan clear aft nan constabulary sensationally reacted to holes successful their statement being exposed successful court 

Souths prima Mitchell (pictured extracurricular tribunal connected Wednesday) was facing charges of fighting successful a nationalist place, affray, and resisting a territory official

It was initially alleged that Mr Wighton had been fixed an removal announcement aft constabulary observed him 'pushing and shoving' a man wrong Fiction nightclub, having 'clenched fists' and having an 'angry' look connected his look which made constabulary deliberation unit could ensue.

But connected Tuesday, Sergeant David Power - nan supervisor of a group of officers progressive successful nan incident - was shown a bid of CCTV that Mr Wighton's lawyer Steve Boland based on showed important holes successful nan police's explanation of nan night.

Sergeant Power past told nan tribunal allegations he'd made astir why he'd kicked Mr Wighton retired of nan nine nary longer seemed accurate.

Sergeant Power admitted: 'What I saw didn't statement up pinch nan footage' and conceded he had a 'memory issue'.

'What I saw appears to person not happened, and my representation has grounded me,' he said.

The brace (pictured together connected nan nighttime of nan alleged fight) are officially South Sydney teammates arsenic of Wednesday  

Mr Boland accused Sergeant Power of trying to 'frame' his customer by 'inventing' evidence.

'It wasn't a lie. It's what I believed happened,' Sergeant Power said and denied misleading nan court.

The sergeant later apologised to Mr Wighton successful beforehand of nan court.

'Sorry, Jack, if that's what happened, mate. I thought I saw thing different,' he said to Mr Wighton.

Under further questioning, Mr Boland asked if it was a 'fact you've fixed mendacious evidence', to which Sergeant Power said it 'appeared arsenic so'.

Once extracurricular nan club, while stepping away, it was alleged Mr Wighton and Mr Mitchell sewage into a 'fight'.

The pair's defence had maintained that it wasn't a conflict because 'no punches were thrown, nary 1 was connected nan ground'.

The constabulary sergeant who admitted giving mendacious grounds astir why Wighton was kicked retired of a nightclub earlier nan pair's alleged conflict apologised to nan ex-Canberra prima successful court

While immoderate officers were arresting Mr Wighton, police utilized elbows, knees, and a spray tin to get Mr Mitchell onto nan ground.

They utilized a baton to extract 1 of his arms retired from nether his assemblage truthful constabulary could handcuff him, telling him to 'stop resisting', arsenic video footage showed to nan tribunal affirmed.

Mr Mitchell could beryllium heard crying successful pain. The defence had told nan tribunal connected Monday Mr Mitchell was 'reduced to a weeping mess, fearing for his life' during nan process.

Friends of nan brace were meantime pleading pinch police, pinch 1 female friend who was videoing nan incident heard telling nan officers they were engaged 'police brutality'.

In announcing charges would beryllium dropped, charismatic Sam Bargwanna said xxxxx

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