Piers Morgan rages at 'pathetic' VAR decision that allowed Newcastle winner against Arsenal, before rounding on Mikel Arteta for 'inexplicable' decisions and laying into Kai Havertz

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By Max Carter Keall For Mailonline

Published: 20:45 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 20:45 EDT, 4 November 2023

Piers Morgan has gone connected societal media to rage astir Arsenal's woes pinch VAR and Kai Havertz domiciled successful nan squad.

Morgan, an avid Arsenal fan, took to X to sound his displeasure astatine nan refereeing perfomance during nan Gunners' 1-0 nonaccomplishment to Newcastle.

VAR made nan determination to let Anthony Gordon's lucifer winning effort pinch nan consequence dealing nan Gunners an early rustle successful nan title race.

Gordon's 64th infinitesimal onslaught was checked by VAR officials for astir 4 minutes, pinch 3 seperate incidents assessed.

Morgan blasted nan decision-making by VAR arsenic 'pathetic', called retired immoderate of Mikel Arteta's moves and laid into nan struggling German Havertz. 

Piers Morgan is an avid but very vocal Arsenal instrumentality and he voiced his displeasure astatine VAR connected X

Morgan released a bid of tweets, nan first stating: 'So we each conscionable watched nan shot spell retired of play, past Gabriel get fouled, and past a clear offside. But VAR still gave Newcastle nan goal. Just pathetic.' 

The flurry of VAR decisions took 4 minutes to decide, pinch nan first taking a look astatine whether nan shot went retired of play arsenic Willock attempted to rescue it.

It was past being checked whether Joelinton committed a foul connected Gabriel arsenic it appeared nan Brazilian pushed his chap countryman successful nan back.

After it was deemed that was not a foul, VAR tried to look astatine whether location was an offside arsenic Gordon looked up of Joelinton.

However, it was confirmed that location was nary conclusive perspective that Joelinton made interaction pinch nan shot which intends they didn't cognize whether Gordon was offside.

Morgan past continued to sound his displeasure astatine VAR and besides turned his attraction to Spanish head Arteta and Havertz. 

He insisted: 'VAR was MoM for Newcastle but we deserved to lose. Arsenal were dreadful. Only Rice, again, deserves immoderate praise. So agelong arsenic we person nary due striker, and Arteta persists successful this ridiculous Havertz farce, we won’t triumph nan League.'

Havertz has struggled since his £62m move crossed London from Chelsea, but nan rangey German is still being picked connected a reasonably regular ground by Arteta. 

Kai Havertz has struggled to support shape during his clip a some clubs Chelsea and Arsenal 

Much of nan Gunners' fanbase often definitive their dissapointment pinch Havertz online, while for illustration Morgan galore are afloat of praise of Declan Rice. 

Morgan past directed a 3rd tweet towards Arteta, and said nan head was portion of nan logic why Arsenal were not going to triumph nan league

He said: 'Arteta’s perfectly losing his sh*t, and he’s correct astir VAR being a ugliness and embarrassment.. BUT we were still cr*p, and didn’t merit to win. And HIS inexplicable decisions re Havertz & Raya, and not buying a apical striker, are hurting us.' 

Despite Morgan's moaning Arsenal person only conscionable mislaid their first convention crippled of nan play and stay successful nan hunt for nan Premier League title. 

They person besides struggled much pinch injuries, peculiarly aft skipper Martin Odegaard was ruled retired earlier kickoff against Newcastle, and person managed good successful nan convention truthful far.  


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