PICTURED: Lakewood Church shooter's son, 7, who is clinging to life in hospital after 'being used as a shield' by schizophrenic, anti-Semitic mother as she battled off-duty cops

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This is nan seven-year-old boy of Lakewood Church shooter Genesse Moreno who remains successful nan infirmary clinging to life aft his mother brought him on for her rampage, putting him successful nan statement of occurrence of nan off-duty cops who killed her. 

Genesse Moreno, 36, went to Joel Osteen's mega religion successful Houston Sunday equipped pinch 2 rifles and dressed successful a trench coat. With her young boy Samuel opinionated adjacent to her, she opened occurrence wrong nan location of worship. 

Immediately, 2 off-duty constabulary officers who were moving arsenic information astatine Lakewood Church fired astatine her, sidesplitting her. 

It remains unclear who precisely changeable nan boy - if it was his mother, aliases nan 2 men who stepped successful to return her down. 

He remains successful nan infirmary pinch a grim prognosis. His paternal grandmother, who lives successful Mexico, has flown to beryllium by his bedside.  

Here, Sam is shown grinning successful a photograph pinch his father, Enrique Carranza. 

Pictured successful September 2022, Enrique Carranza and his boy Sam grin successful a photograph shared by Carranza's mother

The shooter has been identified arsenic Genesse Ivonne Moreno, 36, who antecedently utilized nan sanction Jeffrey and has a lengthy criminal grounds going backmost to 2005. She is seen successful 2022

Through a family spokesperson, she told DailyMail.com coming really she and her boy person spent nan past 4 years trying to get custody of Sam. 

'He wanted custody because he didn't judge that she was tin of raising him,' said longtime friend Connie Eicher described.

Sam's grandmother, Walli Carranza is simply a rabbi and was not amazed astir anti-semitic rants constabulary recovered successful Moreno's car aft nan shooting

'First of, she was mentally ill. They ne'er knew erstwhile she would beryllium bully and erstwhile she wouldn't beryllium good.'

Moreno had been diagnosed pinch schizophrenia and Munchausen by proxy. 

Eicher said Moreno utilized Sam arsenic a 'bargaining chip' and would vanish anytime her ex-husband, Enrique Alberto Carranza, tried to spot him.

It remains unclear really she was capable to legally acquisition nan AR-15 she utilized successful nan killing, aliases why she was allowed to clasp custody of nan boy. 

Child Protective Services successful Texas person yet to reply DailyMail.com's questions connected nan case. 

On Facebook, Sam's grandma - Walli Carranza - said she blames nan authorities of Texas for him being injured. 

Moreno was antecedently arrested for assault, weapons, marijuana possession and forgery charges

'No 1 whitethorn ever blasted a constabulary serviceman who carries retired his aliases her rightful work to prevention lives moreover if they are recovered responsible for shooting my grandson. 

'The responsibility lies successful a kid protective services of Montgomery County and Harris County that refused to region custody from a female pinch known intelligence unwellness that was not being treated and pinch nan authorities of Texas for not having beardown reddish emblem laws that would person prevented her from owning aliases possessing a gun.' 

Friends opportunity Moreno utilized nan boy arsenic a 'bargaining chip' successful her divorcement from his father. 

Sam's dada was surviving successful Florida and had an extended criminal history, including being a activity offfender. He was precocious jailed for failing to registry arsenic a activity offender.  

'At 1 point, she had called and told him that if he kept pursing nan child, that she was going to return him retired of nan country, which is 1 of nan reasons why she had truthful galore aliases.' 

Moreno utilized respective name, including Jeffery Escalante. That sanction was fixed to constabulary during her erstwhile run-ins pinch nan cops. Moreno was calved successful nan Middle East and 'ranted' against Jews.

'Although my erstwhile daughter-in-law raged against Israel and Jews successful a pro Palestinian rant yesterday this has thing to do pinch Judaism aliases Islam,' her mother-in-law said. 

Osteen said nan shooting could person been overmuch worse if it had happened during nan larger 11am service 

At immoderate point, her family moved to El Salvador earlier relocating to nan Houston area. 

Moreno's mother, who was her only support system, near municipality sometime earlier nan shooting.

Eicher believes Moreno whitethorn person felt hopeless, starring her to spell to nan religion wherever her mother was a member: Lakewood. 

'She could person changeable up nan full congregation if they had not stopped her,' Eicher added.

Investigators besides recovered anti-semitic writings successful Moreno's car aft nan shoot-out. One of nan guns she had had a sticker that publication 'Palestine' connected it. 

'I wasn't amazed erstwhile I heard that location had been anti-semitic rants because they were trying to get nan babe from her,' nan rabbi's friend stated.

'I deliberation she was utilizing him arsenic a shield. I deliberation she thought that arsenic agelong arsenic she had him she was protected.'