PICTURED: 'Depressed' Cornell student Patrick Dai who 'sent threats to kill Jews' in online forum

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  • Dai, 21, was booked into Broome County jailhouse by US Marshals astatine 8.16pm past night
  • He is owed to spell earlier a national judge successful Syracuse this morning
  • His parents opportunity he is suicidal and not successful power of his emotions but that he is innocent 
  • Investigators traced his IP reside from nan forum wherever threats were made  

By Jen Smith, Chief Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 08:48 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 08:57 EDT, 1 November 2023

The Cornell student charged pinch making antisemitic threats successful an online forum is Patrick Dai, a 'depressed' 21-year-old whose parents opportunity he was connected nan brink of suicide. 

Dai was booked into nan Broome County Sheriff's Department yesterday connected behalf of US Marshals. He is owed to look successful national tribunal successful Syracuse this morning. 

Prosecutors traced nan heinous threats from nan forum to Dai's off-campus flat wherever he was taken into custody yesterday. 

Patrick Dai, 21, was booked into nan Broome County Jail past nighttime astatine 8.16pm. He will look successful a national tribunal successful Syracuse this morning 

His professor begetter - who believes his boy is guiltless - says his mother was truthful concerned astir him that she was connected her measurement to his location erstwhile he was taken into custody.

The 21-year-old is from Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester. 

'My boy is successful terrible depression. He cannot power his emotion good owed to nan depression. 

'No, I don’t deliberation he committed nan crime,' he told The New York Post. 

Dai has been charged pinch posting threats to termination aliases injure different utilizing interstate communications, according to nan Department of Justice. 

If convicted, he could service 5 years successful prison, 3 years supervised merchandise and a good of $250,000. 

The threats, posted online past week, rattled nan Cornell community. 

Jewish students were advised to debar nan kosher eating hallway aft nan threats were made connected the Greekrank  forum. 

The harasser utilized 'Hamas' arsenic their username, threatening specifically to target nan eating hallway and termination Jewish 'pigs'. 

Dai's parents unrecorded successful a three-bedroom, $500,000 location successful Pittsford.

His begetter is simply a professor astatine China's Tianjin University.  

Of nan respective messages near connected nan school's Greekrank page - a forum meant for fraternity and sorority reviews - were messages pinch nan headlines 'Eliminate Jewish surviving from Cornell Campus' aliases 'Israel deserved 10/7'

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