Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid is fined $35,000 for celebrating layup with WWE wrestler Triple H's 'crotch chop' during blowout win over Blazers

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  • Embiid repeated nan ceremony 4 times successful a statement during nan 3rd quarter 
  • The convention fined him for 'repeatedly making an obscene motion connected nan court' 
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By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com

Published: 18:26 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 18:30 EDT, 31 October 2023

The D-Generation X 'crotch chop' has made a abrupt re-emergence connected nan NBA shape - but nan convention is doing each it tin to quell it.

Philadelphia 76ers halfway and reigning convention MVP Joel Embiid celebrated a 3rd 4th layup successful nan team's 126-98 triumph complete nan Portland Trail Blazers by making nan motion 4 times.

On Tuesday, nan league's caput of hoops operations Joe Dumars fined Embiid $35,000 for 'repeatedly making an obscene motion connected nan playing court'.

The gestures occurred pinch 2:14 remaining successful nan 3rd 4th of nan Sixers' 126-98 triumph aft Embiid took a length-of-the-court walk and made nan layup done contact.

'Now and then, I mightiness benignant of suffer myself,' Embiid said, laughing erstwhile asked astir it. 'That's a conscionable a different me.' 

Joel Embiid was fined $35,000 by nan convention for celebrating pinch a 'crotch chop'

Embiid has tried to curb his emotions recently, but this show was thing of a return to his aged self. 

'Sometimes I deliberation a batch of group spot it as, I mightiness not beryllium arsenic willing because I'm not nan aged Joel that I utilized to beryllium astatine getting into it pinch nan crowd and raising my hands each nan time,' Embiid said. 

'But that doesn't mean that I'm not arsenic focused aliases I'm not interested, I don't person nan aforesaid passion. The passion is different.'

Embiid dominated from tipoff, Tyrese Maxey added 26 points and 10 boards, and James Harden watched it each from Philadelphia's chair successful nan 76ers' triumph complete nan Portland Trail Blazers connected Sunday night.

Shaedon Sharpe led winless Portland (0-3) pinch 20 points and Malcom Brogdon had 18.

'He's nan straw that stirs nan portion here,' Portland coach Chauncey Billups said. 'Embiid is nan guy. He's nan man. He's nan MVP. But I deliberation Tyrese makes this squad go. They provender disconnected his toughness, his energy, his speed. Just his spirit. I deliberation he is nan feline here.'

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