Phil Gould takes ANOTHER swipe at the NRL with shocking pop culture reference over rape and drug trafficking accusations

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  • Bulldogs leader had antecedently slammed nan NRL connected tv spot 
  • Received good from nan governing assemblage for his comments 
  • Has now had different swipe connected his societal media account 

By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:28 EDT, 16 May 2024 | Updated: 21:28 EDT, 16 May 2024

Phil Gould whitethorn person been precocious fined for speaking retired against nan NRL, but that hasn't stopped nan Bulldogs leader from posting a cheeky jab complete dual criminal allegations laid against players this week.

It has been a large week for administrators astatine NRL HQ, pinch an unnamed Queensland State of Origin subordinate accused, but not charged, of rape. 

That announcement came conscionable hours after former Tigers and Bulldogs half Brandon Wakeham was 1 of 3 men charged pursuing busts connected Wednesday successful which constabulary said they seized much than a kilogram of MDMA.

As nan abstracted stories collapsed online, Gould posted an image of a advertisement that read: 'Better Call Saul! Saul Goodman Attorney astatine Law'.

Phil Gould is heavy progressive successful nan NRL, moving nan Cantebury Bulldogs, commentating connected tv and appearing arsenic an expert connected aggregate media platforms

He posted this advertisement from nan deed shows Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul aft a existent NRL subordinate was accused of rape and a erstwhile subordinate was arrested connected supplier charges

Saul Goodman was a flashy lawyer that mostly represented criminals successful nan deed tv shows

Saul Goodman - played by American character Bob Odenkirk - is simply a flashy, quick-talking lawyer from nan TV shows 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul.'

Known for his colourful suits and questionable ethics, he specialises successful defending criminals.

Despite his dubious methods, Saul's resourcefulness and charisma make him an intriguing character.

It comes aft nan NRL slapped Phil Gould pinch a $20,000 fine over a TV rant, accusing nan Canterbury supremo of launching a 'destructive attack' connected nan game. 

NRL main executive Andrew Abdo described rape allegations against a Queensland-based subordinate arsenic 'very serious' and confirmed that nan convention is collaborating pinch a nine connected an investigation. 

The unnamed subordinate has not been charged but is nether a general title made to Queensland Police by a woman. 

'Obviously they're very superior allegations,' Abdo said. 

He added, 'We are moving pinch nan applicable parties to find retired much and evidently arsenic we find retired more, we'll beryllium capable to opportunity more.' 

Gould had antecedently been fined by nan NRL for comments he made connected Channel Nine 

Wakeham was 1 of 3 men charged pursuing busts connected Wednesday successful which constabulary said they seized much than a kilogram of MDMA

NRL leader Andrew Abdo has said nan convention will fto ongoing investigations play retired earlier taking immoderate action against existent aliases erstwhile players

If charged, nan subordinate would autumn nether nan league's no-fault stand-down policy, suspending immoderate subordinate charged pinch an offence carrying a imaginable situation word of astatine slightest 11 years. 

Under Queensland law, accused activity offenders cannot beryllium named publicly until charged, truthful nan NRL apt cannot guidelines nan subordinate down until then.

'I can't really remark connected it until we cognize each nan facts,' Abdo said. 

Queensland Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski confirmed nan investigation, noting its complexity. 

'It whitethorn return immoderate clip to spell done that,' he said. 

Meanwhile, Wakeham was granted bail astatine Manly Local Court connected Thursday but must surrender his passport and is banned from world airports. 

His lawyer stated that Wakeham would conflict nan charges. NSW Police detective acting superintendent Richard Puffett noted Wakeham's 'active role' successful a supplier ring. 

Abdo confirmed Wakeham's lawsuit falls nether nan league's authority owed to his statement pinch a NSW Cup side. The Sea Eagles stated they would afloat cooperate pinch nan NRL integrity unit's investigation.

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