Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape brought UNICORN costumes to attack House Speaker's husband, attempted murder trial hears: Didn't flinch as gruesome attack footage was replayed

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Paul Pelosi's attacker David DePape brought 2 unicorn costumes to his victim's mansion earlier bludgeoning him pinch a hammer, a tribunal heard.  

David DePape, a erstwhile nudist from Canada, entered nan Pelosi's San Francisco mansion done a backmost doorway successful nan early hours of October 28, 2022, and bludgeoned erstwhile House Speaker Nancy's 82 year-old hubby Paul.

The onslaught - which DePape's defense lawyer has conceded he carried retired - put Paul Pelosi successful infirmary pinch a fractured skull.

At tribunal successful San Francisco Monday, authorities shared records of DePape’s purchases from Amazon successful nan months earlier nan attacks, a laundry database of items he reportedly took pinch him to nan crime scene. 

They included everything from a camping backpack, machine cables, assemblage cameras, crayons and, bizarrely, 2 Spooktacular unicorn costumes.

The prosecution played a signaling of a telephone DePage later placed to a news reporter stating: ‘I person an important connection for everyone successful America. You’re welcome.’ 

David DePape (left) listens while Jason Matthes, who useful for Spokeo shows a hunt that DePape did earlier nan attack

David DePape didn't flinch while watching assemblage camera footage of himself pinch Paul Pelosi astatine nan Pelosi's San Francisco home 

He past talked astir nan request for much patriots, and offered an apology that ‘I didn’t get much of them.’

On Monday, he watched without flinching arsenic prosecutors played nan police assemblage camera footage of nan attack.

DePape calmly sat pinch 2 defense lawyers astatine array connected left, arsenic prosecutors called witnesses laying retired nan case. 

He sat backmost successful brownish leather chair, crossed arms, watching nan testimony. He wore a bluish sweater complete bluish fastener down, cleanable shaven, hairsbreadth pulled backmost into a pony tail. 

Prosecutors presented nan schematic footage of nan hammer attack, showing an serviceman sparkling a flashlight confronting DePape pinch Pelosi successful nan doorway. 

As nan 2 struggle, DePape hoists his hammer and smashed Pelosi complete nan head, striking him 3 times to nan ground. 

Another video showed humor gushing from Pelosi’s head, pinch his hands soaked red, arsenic paramedics tended to him. 

Audible gasps could beryllium heard successful nan courtroom, but DePape appeared unperturbed. He blinked a fewer times but kept silent, hunched complete arsenic he watched nan video played connected nan laptop machine successful beforehand of him. 

A tribunal sketch shows DePape listening to an charismatic from Spokeo, a people hunt website, attest astir his hunt history.

Jason Matthes, who useful for Spokeo, testified concisely that he searched for Pelosi’s location arsenic good arsenic different sites successful Hollywood and Sacramento earlier nan attack. 

Stephanie Minor, FBI typical agent, testified they reviewed a bid of web activity recovered connected DePape’s difficult drive, including a bid of Nancy Pelosi-related searches successful nan days starring up to nan attack. 

He many times searched Spokeo to find her location reside successful San Francisco, searched for accusation connected her biography, and besides researched immoderate past news stories astir different group who’ve targeted her home. 

Minor noted 1 hunt of for a communicative astir a YouTuber who filmed himself defecating connected nan Pelosi driveway, and different google searches connected ‘Pelosi Pig Blood,’ astir her spot being vandalized pinch a pig’s caput and clone blood. 

Images of Pelosi’s garage, shown successful sum of that incident, were recovered stored connected DePape’s difficult drive.

Minor testified that location were astir 50 video surveillance cameras capturing DePape’s chilling travel to transportation retired nan hammer attack.

He’s seen hauling 2 backpacks and nan sleeping bag, later recovered by authorities.

One shows aggregate camera angles of him going done nan turnstile astatine the Bay Area Rapid Transit position astatine El Cerrito Plaza. Some of nan clip stamps are off, successful immoderate cases, because nan surveillance cameras were not updated to daylight savings.

Other footage shows DePape, wearing a agelong sleeve apical and cargo shorts, boarding a train astatine nan position earlier it sped off, past sitting wrong pinch his feet propped connected his bag. 

He’s past seen opinionated connected a level astatine MacArthur Station waiting for a transfer, boarding different train to Civic Center/UN Plaza, taking nan ride, arriving astatine nan station.

DePape's attorneys reason that he is not blameworthy of nan charges because he was not aft Nancy Pelosi to effort to extremity her from engaging successful her charismatic duties

Police assemblage camera footage captured nan infinitesimal DePape bludgeoned Paul Pelosi (right) which fractured his skull and put him successful nan infirmary for a week 

He’s past seen boarding a San Francisco Muni bus, and later exiting astatine North Point Street and Van Ness Avenue.

U.S. Capitol constabulary video footage shows DePape, appearing arsenic a shadowy figure, stepping briskly connected a sidewalk toward nan Pelosi residence, past successful clearer position entering done a gross and stepping astir backmost to nan rear patio.

He’s past seen utilizing an entity to many times bash a solid model to break into nan property.

Paul Pelosi is scheduled to attest successful nan proceedings and will recount nan nighttime nan man collapsed into his San Francisco location and fractured his skull. 

Prosecutors said DePape antecedently admitted to breaking into nan residence pinch nan volition of getting nan senior Democrat to admit her party's 'lies' aliases he would smash her kneecaps.

When he recovered only her then-82-year-old hubby astatine home, he engaged successful what he told officers was a 'pretty amicable' exchange, during which Paul Pelosi managed to telephone for help.

DePape has pleaded not blameworthy to breaking and entering and attempted execution charges, and a national proceedings is underway. 

He has struggled pinch narcotics and posts crazed COVID conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic rants, racist slurs and unhinged screeds astir belief online. 

In opening statements, defense lawyer Jodi Linker said she won't conflict that her customer attacked Paul Pelosi, an brushwood caught connected constabulary assemblage camera video.

In nan footage, DePape tin apparently beryllium seen bludgeoning Pelosi pinch a hammer earlier officers unreserved astatine him and return nan limb away.

Pelosi was knocked unconscious and spent almost a week successful hospital, wherever he underwent room to repair a skull fracture.

Instead, his lawyer will reason that he believed 'with each ounce of his being' that he was taking action to extremity authorities corruption and nan maltreatment of children by politicians and actors. 

Linker's statement is that DePape is not blameworthy of nan charges because he was not aft Nancy Pelosi to effort to extremity her from engaging successful her charismatic duties.

DePape was wearing a ray bluish garment and a acheronian bluish sweater during assemblage selection

A screenshot of information footage shows DePape extracurricular nan Pelosi location during nan early hours of October 28, 2022

Paul Pelosi was deed aggregate times pinch nan hammer leaving him unconscious arsenic nan officers rushed successful and arrested DePape

Aerial footage showed surgery panes and shattered solid astatine nan backdoor of Pelosi's home

'These beliefs matter because some charges require that nan authorities beryllium that Mr. DePape acted because of her capacity of her charismatic duties arsenic a personnel of Congress,' Linker said.

She said DePape's beliefs are 'wholly unrelated to Nancy Pelosi's charismatic duties.'

When constabulary arrested DePape, they recovered a manifesto that contained antigovernmental beliefs and a database of different politicians he planned to target.

He has posted rants connected a blog and an online forum astir aliens, communists, belief minorities and world elites.

He questioned nan results of nan 2020 predetermination and echoed nan baseless, right-wing QAnon conspiracy mentation that claims nan U.S. authorities is tally by a cabal of devil-worshipping pedophiles. The websites were taken down soon aft his arrest.

He besides has pleaded not blameworthy to charges successful authorities tribunal of attempted murder, battle pinch a deadly weapon, elder abuse, residential burglary and different felonies.

A authorities proceedings has not been scheduled.

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