Patrick Mahomes: Footage of NFL analysts claiming Chiefs were WRONG to draft quarterback resurfaces... while then-General Manager John Dorsey stuck to his guns

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  • Mahomes inspired Kansas City to a 2nd consecutive Super Bowl triumph connected Sunday
  • Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A. Smith and much questioned nan Chiefs drafting him
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By Oliver Salt For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:01 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 14:06 EST, 13 February 2024

After selecting him pinch nan 10th prime of nan 2017 Draft, erstwhile Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey had nary doubts that Patrick Mahomes would spell connected to do awesome things successful Kansas City.

Over nan play Mahomes, now considered nan No 1 backmost successful nan NFL, claimed his 3rd Super Bowl ringing pinch nan Chiefs aft inspiring their melodramatic overtime triumph against nan San Francisco 49ers successful Las Vegas.

That triumph besides saw him go nan first backmost since Tom Brady successful 2005 to lead his squad to back-to-back championships, meaning he now has a spot astatine nan array successful nan all-time-greats conversation.

Nevertheless, not everyone was arsenic convinced arsenic Dorsey that Kansas City had made nan correct prime successful drafting Mahomes 7 years ago.

Incredible footage has resurfaced connected societal media of a big of NFL analysts - including Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A. Smith and Cris Carter - questioning nan Chiefs' determination to prime him arsenic their first-round prime backmost successful 2017. 

Patrick Mahomes had his adjacent stock of doubters erstwhile he first joined nan Chiefs successful 2017

Incredible footage has resurfaced of a number of NFL analysts - including Shannon Sharpe (left) and Cris Carter (right) - questioning Kansas City's determination to draught Mahomes

Then-Chiefs GM John Dorsey, meanwhile, was adamant their caller QB was a prima successful nan making

In a viral clip, their damning assessments of nan Mahomes draught prime are played alongside snippets from Dorsey's property convention astatine nan time, successful which he predicted their caller signing would spell connected to beryllium his doubters wrong.

Sharpe, moving for FOX Sports' Undisputed backmost successful 2017, said astir nan Chiefs' decision: ‘Patrick Mahomes, I don’t for illustration it. I do not for illustration this pick.’

Smith besides claimed Mahomes was not a much worthy draught prime than Deshaun Watson, who is yet to triumph a Super Bowl aft stints pinch nan Houston Texans and nan Cleveland Browns.

'Just for illustration I said to you [Mitchell] Trubisky doesn't person nan resume that tells maine that he's amended than Deshaun Watson,' nan ESPN First Take regular said. 'I situation judge ain't gonna opportunity that Patrick Mahomes does.'

Dorsey, meanwhile, was afloat convinced that Kansas City's caller backmost would warrant their faith.

'This is simply a really bully shot player,' nan now-Detroit Lions executive insisted. 'And I deliberation these types of guys don't travel astir that often.

'I tin spot this feline processing into a really-good shot player.' 

Former Eagles wide receiver Carter was different skeptical expert astatine nan time, telling Sharpe connected Undisputed: 'If [Mahomes] is that good, you went complete Deshaun Watson, you traded up, but you've still sewage to hold connected nan cookies - because nan cookies ain't fresh yet.'

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith besides had his doubts complete Mahomes' credentials 7 years ago

The 28-year-old is now considered by astir nan No 1 backmost successful nan NFL correct now

On Sunday he inspired nan Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowls, his 3rd successful 5 years

Dorsey continues successful nan clip: ‘I’m consenting to put successful that type of player, because I judge successful his skillset and what he is going to create into.’ 

Mahomes was besides described backmost successful 2017 arsenic being 'undisciplined, immature and lacking fundamentals' by different First Take analyst.

While a impermanent connected nan Dave Dameshek Football Program besides said astir nan Chiefs astatine nan time: 'Why are you trading up to draught a backmost that doesn't conscionable person bad footwork... has nary footwork?'

The video past concludes pinch Dorsey explaining that they had Mahomes rated supra Watson successful their scouting report, which comes earlier a fitting clip of nan now-great Chiefs backmost throwing nan game-winning touchdown walk astatine Super Bowl LVIII.

Mahomes is now seeking a legendary three-peat pinch nan Chiefs aft retaining nan Super Bowl this season.

The 28-year-old would go nan first ever NFL backmost to lead his squad to 3 consecutive championships, a feat which would further warrant Dorsey and nan Chiefs' brilliant prime 7 years ago.