Patrick Cantlay loses hat sponsorship with Goldman Sachs ahead of Heroes Challenge in the Bahamas after not wearing a cap at the Ryder Cup

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  • The eight-time PGA Tour victor signed a three-year woody pinch nan patient successful 2020 
  • The 31-year-old's statement had been extended by a twelvemonth astatine nan commencement of this year 
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By Alastair Talbot For Dailymail.Com and Kieran Lynch For Mailonline

Published: 11:55 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 11:55 EST, 21 November 2023

Patrick Cantlay has mislaid his chapeau sponsorship pinch Goldman Sachs aft 4 years and up of nan Hero World Challenge successful nan Bahamas.

What's more, is that nan 31-year-old Cantlay had been nan first-ever golfer to person a woody successful spot pinch nan finance banking firm. 

The eight-time PGA Tour victor had initially signed a three-year woody pinch Godman Sachs successful 2020 and agreed to a caller one-year statement astatine nan commencement of 2023. 

'We perpetually measure nan firm's partnerships, and astatine this clip , our logo will nary longer look connected his hat,' a Goldman Sachs spokesperson told The New York Times' DealBook.

Cantlay, who joined his partner Nikki Guidish successful Rome successful October, recovered himself successful contention during nan Ryder Cup owed to his determination to garbage to deterioration a USA squad cap.

Goldman Sachs ended its four-year business pinch Patrick Cantley aft his Ryder Cup drama

The California autochthonal was accused of sparking a rift pinch different golfers connected nan U.S. squad aft demanding to cognize why players were not being paid to play successful Italy, pinch nan motion to not deterioration a headdress said to beryllium him showing his frustration. 

He later denied this, arsenic erstwhile asked if he'd deterioration it for a squad photo, he said: 'The chapeau doesn't fit. It didn't fresh astatine Whistling Straits [in 2021], and didn't fresh this week. Everyone knows that. 

'I was going to spell nary chapeau each week regardless, truthful I figured would I support it consistent.' 

American team-mate Xander Schauffele's father, Stefan, though claimed nan logic that Cantlay was not wearing a headdress during nan 2023 Ryder Cup was because he didn't want to ruin his wedding photos pinch a golfer's tan statement crossed his face. 

Cantlay, 31, refused to deterioration a headdress while playing for Team U.S. astatine nan Ryder Cup successful Rome successful Sept.

Cantlay's determination though yet sparked taunts from nan location crowd and yet led to a furious statement involving Rory McIlroy and Cantlay's caddie Joe LaCava.

The caddie took disconnected his headdress and waved it successful nan aerial erstwhile Cantlay made a decisive putt connected 18 successful nan important past four-ball match, which seemingly irked McIlroy.

LaCava was hitting backmost astatine nan fans who had been taunting Cantlay each day, waving their hats successful nan aerial and chanting 'where's your cap?'

The Northern Irishman had reportedly asked LaCava, thought to beryllium 68, 'politely' to move retired nan way, yet nan caddie continued to disregard nan petition for immoderate time.

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