Patrice Evra reposts his gruesome Halloween costume from 2017 which saw the ex-Man United star covered in fake blood and licking a plastic machete... as disturbed fans joke he is 'scaring the kids'

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  • Patrice Evra has been known for his extravagant celebrations for Halloween
  • The erstwhile defender opted to reshare his scary themed clip from backmost successful 2017
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By Michael Pavitt For Mailonline

Published: 14:39 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 19:50 EDT, 31 October 2023

Former Manchester United prima Patrice Evra sewage into nan Halloween spirit arsenic nan Frenchman reshared 1 of his scary themed outfits from 2017.

The erstwhile near backmost turned pundit has been known for his royal celebrations to people Halloween successful caller years.

Evra shared video of him covered successful clone humor connected Instagram, pinch nan clip showing him licking a integrative machete.

He was besides seen sporting a clone wound, while surrounded by carved pumpkins.

The clip appears to beryllium an upload from his costume successful 2017, which antecedently freaked retired his Instagram followers. 

Ex-Man United prima Patrice Evra reposted his 2017 Halloween costume to his followers

Evra is known for his royal Halloween costumes, aft dressing up arsenic 'Patman' past year

The clip besides features 1 of nan pumpkins which has been carved to publication 'I emotion this game'.

Evra has regularly utilized 'I emotion this game' arsenic his catchphrase successful caller years.

Evra shared his station pinch nan caption 'Happy Halloween, I tried my champion to look scary (even my mum telephone maine and inquire if I had an accident.'

Fans were speedy to remark connected Evra's post, joking that he had 'won Halloween' and was 'scaring nan kids' pinch his gruesome clip. 

'I had to watch it doubly to get complete nan first time,' 1 instrumentality commented, pinch different joking 'I'm frightened now.

'Bro you won Halloween,' a 3rd posted, pinch a 4th replying 'What @patrice.evra you are doing extremity it, you are scaring nan kids.'

Evra, a Premier League and Champions League victor successful his clip astatine Old Trafford, has been noted for his committedness for dressing up connected Halloween.

Evra has forged a profession successful punditry since retiring contempt a bid of bizarre societal media pots

Last year, he shared a threat of himself perched connected a Patmobile, while dressed arsenic 'Patman' - a reference to iconic characteristic Batman.

He moreover went arsenic acold arsenic to put a personalised number sheet connected his 'Batmobile', which publication 'Patman'.

The 42-year-old has expanding shared bizarre clips online since retiring from football successful 2019.

His societal media antics were criticised aft a 2018 video of him licking a earthy chickenhearted to people Thanksgiving.

The five-time Premier League victor besides utilized a earthy food and container of chips arsenic a microphone, arsenic he sang Fatboy Slim's remix Praise You during England's tally to nan Euro 2020 final.


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