Paris Hilton dresses up son Phoenix as Elmo for his FIRST Halloween... after clapping back at 'sick' trolls who shamed his head size

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Paris Hilton shared respective adorable photos of her boy Phoenix, property 9 months, connected Tuesday.

It was her boy's first Halloween and she dressed him up successful a fuzzy reddish Elmo costume from Sesame Street.

In nan images, nan 42-year-old is made up for nan camera arsenic she wears a achromatic outfit and gem earrings pinch her hairsbreadth backmost arsenic she has her first kid connected her thigh while astatine her Los Angeles home.

'My lil Elmo. ❤️❤️ #BabysFirstHalloween,' wrote nan Simple Life prima successful her Instagram caption.

Kris Jenner deed nan for illustration fastener and posted respective heart-eye smiley faces. 

Cutie: Paris Hilton shared respective adorbale photos of her boy Phoenix connected Tuesday. It was her boy's first Halloween and she dressed him up successful a fuzzy reddish Elmo costume from Sesame Street

Hilton shares her boy pinch hubby Carter Reum, 42.

This comes days aft she clapped backmost astatine sadistic haters who made nasty  comments astir nan size of her babe son's head.

The Elmo costume hid nan small one's caput nicely, keeping haters astatine bay.

The remarks were not benignant pinch respective saying nan baby's caput was 'weird.'

Mama carnivore Hilton snapped back.

Fans besides took to TikTok to condemn nan rude remarks pinch Hilton responding to a follower who defended her and saying her boy is healthy.

She wrote: 'There are immoderate sick group successful this world. My angel is perfectly healthy.

'And yes, of people he has been to a doctor, he conscionable has a ample brain.'

Mom and son: Hilton has deed backmost astatine trolls who made vile comments astir nan size of her babe boy Phoenix's caput past week

The images posted by Hilton past week saw her proudly airs pinch her boy connected her thigh clad in head-to-toe Burberry manner pinch a plaid top, slacks and small shoes.

This comes aft Hilton reacted to Britney Spears' tell-all memoir, which is due retired this month

The blonde told Extra's Mona Kosar Abdi she is looking guardant to nan Toxic singer's highly anticipated tome which has already been leaked present and there.

And Hilton pointed retired a astonishing parallel successful their 2 books; Paris shared her memoir earlier this year. 

In Britney's The Woman In Me she drops nan bombshell that she had an abortion while she was making love Justin Timberlake. 

Paris besides revealed successful her memoir that she had an abortion astatine 22.

Paris commented, 'For me, it was highly healing. 

'It's very difficult to person to relive and retrieve things that you don't want to remember, but talking astir it, I think, is really important, conscionable letting it go.

'And besides there's truthful galore group successful nan world who've been done akin situations truthful it will make them consciousness little alone.'

Dreamy: The perfume mogul called nan only kid she has pinch hubby Carter Reum a 'baby angel' arsenic she explained he was enjoying his first travel to New York City

Hilton has seen Spears 'recently.' Paris did not opportunity wherever aliases erstwhile nan meet up happened but said nan Crossroads character is conscionable fine.

Hilton past talked astir her ain hectic world. 

Paris added that a emblematic time successful her life arsenic 'nonstop,' she added, 'I don't deliberation anyone has nan aforesaid 24 hours successful a time that I do.'

As for motherhood, Paris noted that being called a mom is her 'favorite title of each of them.' 

She emphasized, 'Moms are superheroes. I emotion being a mom truthful much.'

Paris and hubby Carter Reum went done an IVF travel that led to nan commencement of their boy Phoenix, who was calved via surrogate earlier this year.

Hilton gushed astir her small man, 'Phoenix is specified an angel. He conscionable turned 9 months aged yesterday. 

'He's getting truthful tall. He's astir to crawl soon, truthful it's conscionable truthful overmuch nosy seeing each these milestones.'

Parents: Paris is seen pinch hubby Carter successful February 2023 

Paris besides made judge to show immoderate emotion for Carter arsenic they are approaching their 2nd wedding anniversary. She said, 'Carter is truthful romantic. He's ever coming up pinch nan astir astonishing surprises.'

Hilton delivered surprises — and bombshell revelations — successful her eye-opening, tell-all memoir. Now, she is bringing that communicative to nan mini surface successful an upcoming series.

Paris didn't uncover who is playing her, saying, 'That's a surprise… I americium truthful excited. I emotion nan woman truthful much.'

She went on, 'I'm conscionable really proud of my memoir and that it touched truthful galore people. And now to spot it being turned into a TV bid is beautiful iconic.'

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