Panera Bread faces lawsuit over 'charged lemonade' that allegedly killed 21-year-old - here are 6 unassuming 'healthy' drinks that contain a dose of caffeine that's potentially lethal for heart patients

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Drinks marketed pinch wellness claims ranging from focus-boosting, antioxidant-infused, and superfood-filled tin incorporate arsenic overmuch caffeine arsenic 3 cups of coffee.

An exclusive investigation has revealed that immoderate widely-available products incorporate capable of nan stimulant to consequence deadly bosom attacks successful those pinch a little-known underlying cardiac condition. 

It follows nan tragic decease of a 21 year-old Pennsylvania assemblage student, who, according to tribunal documents, suffered a fatal cardiac apprehension aft consuming lemonade containing 390 milligrams of caffeine.

The student, Sarah Katz from New Jersey, drank a 30-ounce cup of 'Charged Lemonade' from accelerated nutrient associated Panera Bread, which contains much caffeine than a Red Bull and Monster power portion combined.

Ms Katz suffered a superior bosom hit information called long QT syndrome, which causes nan bosom to hit irregularly (arrhythmia). 

Sarah Katz (pictured) died connected September 10, 2022, conscionable hours aft she consumed a ample Charged Lemonade from a branch of Panera Bread successful Philadelphia

She was diagnosed pinch nan information aged 5 and had managed it pinch medicine and limiting caffeine, according to documents written by lawyers representing her parents.

Dr Stuart Fischer, an soul medicine expert successful New York, told that caffeine tin destruct nan captious breaks successful betwixt bosom thumps for group pinch agelong QT syndrome. 

'Patients pinch this condition needs a small spot longer than accustomed to reboot aft nan bosom musculus has contracted.'

Caffeine, he explains, speeds up nan beating pattern, placing excessively overmuch accent connected nan already stretched organ. 

'If location is excessively overmuch activity erstwhile nan musculus needs to relax, it tin beryllium perchance fatal aliases astatine slightest a awesome aesculapian emergency.'

Dr Fischer adds that conscionable 100 milligrams of caffeine - nan aforesaid arsenic a ample cup of java - could beryllium capable to trigger a deadly attack. 

Long QT syndrome affects 1 successful 2,000 group successful nan US, and galore group don't cognize they person it, arsenic it doesn't ever origin symptoms. 

Following her decease successful September, Ms Katz's parents revenge a suit against Panera Bread, arguing that nan institution had misled their girl by failing to explanation Charged Lemonade arsenic an power drink. recovered that immoderate wellness drinks that characteristic health-related claims connected nan label, for illustration clean', 'plant-based' and 'natural', person arsenic overmuch arsenic 3 cups of java worthy of caffeine, which could beryllium harmful to nan 3 cardinal Americans pinch agelong QT syndrome

While nan caffeine contented successful Charged Lemonade is listed connected Panera's website, it's not listed connected nan paper successful nan shop aliases nan integrative cup itself.

The  advertizing meant Ms Katz purchased nan portion while being 'reasonably assured it was a accepted lemonade and/or sports portion containing a reasonable magnitude of caffeine safe for her to drink.

'Instead, defendants market, advertise, and waste Panera Charged Lemonade arsenic a merchandise that is "plant-based and cleanable pinch arsenic overmuch caffeine arsenic our Dark Roast Coffee,"' nan suit reads.

In stores, Panera does 'not specify what size java cup is akin to a Panera Charged Lemonade', making it difficult to cognize precisely really overmuch caffeine it contains. 

A regular size, which is 20 ounces, has 260 milligrams of caffeine. The large, which comes successful a 30-ounce cup, has 390 milligrams.

According to a statement, Panera will now 'investigate nan matter' and 'strongly judge successful transparency astir ingredients'.

Now, has recovered that Panera Bread is not nan only nutrient and portion marque to pump precocious quantities of nan stimulant into drinks masquerading arsenic wellness and wellness products. 

A regular size of Charged Lemonade, which is 20 ounces, has 260 milligrams of caffeine. The large, which comes successful a 30-ounce cup, has 390 milligrams

Our investigation has recovered immoderate drinks - which usage health-related position for illustration Balance and Superfood connected nan explanation - incorporate nan caffeine balanced of 3 cups of coffee. The mean eight-ounce cup of java contains 95 milligrams of caffeine. 

Unlike nan Panera drink, nan amount of caffeine was listed connected nan explanation successful each of nan drinks we found. 

Each diligent pinch agelong QT syndrome has a different level of tolerance, but Dr Fischer said for some, immoderate magnitude of caffeine could trigger adverse events specified arsenic cardiac arrest. 'Some patients mightiness beryllium extraordinarily delicate to stimulants,' he said. 

'But having [390 milligrams of caffeine] each astatine once, I deliberation anyone could fig retired nan repercussions of that.'

Risks for agelong QT patients see an accrued chance of precocious humor pressure, arrhythmia, and cardiac arrest, says Dr Fischer. 

However, for patient people, nan safe limit is 400 milligrams according to the According to nan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - nan balanced of 4 eight-ounce cups of coffee.

The Mayo Clinic states that getting much than 400 milligrams of caffeine successful a time tin origin broadside effects specified arsenic headache, insomnia, irritability, accelerated heartbeat, and musculus tremors. 

Dr Deepak Bhatt, cardiologist and Director of Mount Sinai Heart successful New York City, says though drinking ample amounts of caffeine successful 1 spell does not earnestly harm patient group - it tin person undesirable effects. 

'Many group will commencement having immoderate effects from nan caffeine, whether it's impairing their expertise to get a bully night's slumber aliases conscionable being a spot anxious aliases having their bosom complaint spell a small spot faster aliases having [an arrhythmia.]'

Here are six 'healthy' drinks that are packed pinch astonishing amounts of caffeine...


'Max Energy' shots made by Balance, The Superfood Shot, contain 300 milligrams of caffeine successful conscionable 2 ounces, much than 3 times that of an eight-ounce cup of coffee

These two-ounce 'Max Energy' shots made by Balance, The Superfood Shot, declare connected their website that they person 'half a day's serving of fruits and veggies' and 'natural power from integrated coffeeberry,' a berry that comes from nan aforesaid works arsenic nan java legume and is said to be rich successful antioxidants.

The changeable - which costs astir $4.69 - besides has a blend of nan mushrooms Lion's Mane and cordyceps, which person some been touted by replacement medicine gurus for their anti-aging and energizing properties.

However successful mini print, nan explanation says nan portion contains 300 milligrams of caffeine successful conscionable those 2 ounces, much than 3 times that of an eight-ounce cup of coffee. Eight ounces of nan Max Energy Blend changeable would incorporate 1,200 milligrams, 3 times much than nan FDA's safe limit of 400 milligrams.


Experts told that 'clean caffeine' is simply a trading word that has nary technological basis 

Clean Cause Yerba Mate, a low-calorie portion pinch trendy herb yerba mate (said to person energy-boosting properties), costs betwixt 3 and 6 dollars per can, and has arsenic overmuch caffeine arsenic 1 and a half cups of coffee.

According to a explanation connected nan Clean Cause website, nan caffeine is 'natural' and 'clean,' and location are conscionable 70 calories successful 1 can, which intends customers tin 'feel bully about replacing your jittery pre-workout aliases sugary sports drinks pinch a CLEAN Cause Yerba Maté'.

However, 1 16-ounce can contains 15 grams of added sugar- 50 percent much than a Krispy Kreme donut, which could lead to bony decay and weight summation if drunk regularly.

Additionally, experts person told that 'clean' caffeine - which nan companies do not specify - is simply a 'marketing term', and nary amended for your wellness than nan type recovered successful beverage and coffee.

Dr Carolyn Williams, dietitian and co-host of nan Happy Eating podcast, told 'This is simply a trading word that manufacturers created and are utilizing to entreaty to consumers.

'There is nary bully logic to ditch java aliases beverage for these drinks arsenic a caffeine source.' 


Odyssey 222 is simply a 'sparkling elixir' that contains arsenic overmuch arsenic caffeine arsenic you'll find successful 3 lattes

Odyssey 222 is, according to nan institution website, a 'sparking elixir' that boasts 'focus-boosting benefits' and 'potent nutritional properties that tin beryllium utilized to protect and heighten nan assemblage and mind'.

The patient says astir of nan benefits are acknowledgment to ingredients for illustration greenish tea, ginseng and mushrooms. 

The 12-ounce cans, which costs $41.99 for 12, incorporate 222 milligrams of caffeine each -the balanced of astir 2 mean and 3 mini Starbucks lattes and much than half nan recommended FDA regular limit. 


Bai Boost looks for illustration a consequence juice, but it contains nan aforesaid caffeine arsenic 3 cups of tea

Bai Boost is simply a juice made pinch caffeine extracted from beverage leaves. The beforehand of the  vessel - which carries nan committedness of 'plant-based energy' - doesn't make nan caffeine contented abundantly clear. However, its website claims: 'With this successful your tank, you'll beryllium unstoppable.'

A cup of beverage usually contains astir 30 to 40 milligrams of caffeine, but Bai Boost, priced from $2.50, has astir 3 times astatine 110, and conscionable complete that of an eight-ounce cup of coffee. 

It besides contains 10 milligrams of nan artificial sweetener erythritol, which some investigation has suggested could beryllium linked to an accrued consequence of weight gain.  Artificial sweeteners are besides known to change nan patient germs successful our guts, starring to digestive symptoms for illustration constipation, bloating, and diarrhea.


Gorgie has L-Theanine, which has not been shown to boost intelligence wellness successful humans 

The explanation connected nan broadside of a $3.49 tin of Gorgie calls it nan 'energy portion pinch benefits.' 

Meanwhile, nan website claims nan sparkling flavored h2o is 'formulated pinch amended for you ingredients.' 

Benefits are said to beryllium owed to nan beingness of antioxidant L-Theanine - which supposedly has anti-anxiety effects - and vitamin B7, which keeps cells healthy.

However, location is not yet capable grounds to beryllium that L-Theanine tin boost intelligence wellness successful humans. 

One tin of Gorgie has 150 milligrams of caffeine, adjacent to astir 1 and a half eight-ounce cups of coffee. 


Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha contains 150 milligrams of caffeine, nan magnitude successful 2 lattes

The fermented portion kombucha is often touted for its scope of wellness benefits - from easing digestion to helping to conflict disconnected infections.

Rowdy Mermaid's type - which costs astir $4.19 and comes successful aggregate flavors - is said to characteristic antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds owed to nan grapefruit, yerba mate, and rosemary.

What isn't evident from nan beforehand of nan tin is nan 150 milligrams of caffeine it contains - astir 1 and a half ample coffee's worth. 

Some studies done successful rats suggest that kombucha tin trim liver toxicity by arsenic overmuch arsenic 70 percent, but nary quality studies beryllium connected nan topic. 

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