Palestine football fans stage protest against Israel conflict during men's team's World Cup qualifier against Australia

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  • Palestine shot fans protested against Israel conflict 
  • Fans waved flags and raised keys connected nan seventh minute 
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By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 09:34 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 10:00 EST, 21 November 2023

Palestinian shot fans person staged a protestation against nan ongoing conflict pinch Israel arsenic their men's squad took connected Australia successful a World Cup qualifier.  

The Socceroos were owed to recreation to Ramallah for their qualifying lucifer connected Tuesday, successful what would person been nan first location crippled played successful nan occupied West Bank since 2019.

However, nan warfare betwixt Israel and Hamas has led to nan crippled being moved to Kuwait, pinch Graham Arnold's broadside hoping to proceed their beardown commencement to their qualification run for nan 2026 tournament. 

Fans attending nan lucifer person staged a protestation against Israel's actions successful nan Gaza Strip. On nan seventh infinitesimal of nan game, fans raised Palestinian flags to people nan commencement of nan warfare connected 7 October - nan day of nan Hamas onslaught wrong Israel.

Protestors were besides seen holding cardinal signs during nan match, which symbolosises 'those taken during nan 1948 Arab-Israeli war', according to Al Jazeera, while others held 'Free Gaza' signs.

Palestine shot fans protested against nan ongoing Israel conflict connected Tuesday

Fans raised flags and keffiyehs connected nan seventh infinitesimal of their crippled against Australia

The men's shot squad wore keffiyehs arsenic they made their measurement onto nan transportation successful Kuwait

Further protests are expected connected nan 75th infinitesimal to run against 75 years of occupation. 

The 2 teams joined successful nan centre circle earlier footwear disconnected to stock a infinitesimal of soundlessness arsenic nan connection 'solidarity pinch Palestine' was displayed connected nan large surface wrong Kuwait's stadium. 

The Palestinian squad besides wore keffiyehs - accepted headdress worn by Arab men - arsenic they made their measurement onto nan pitch.

The Socceroos announced earlier nan crippled that they will donate a information of their lucifer fees towards Oxfam's humanitarian efforts successful Gaza.

Kuwait was chosen by Palestine arsenic nan venue for nan relocated 'home' fixture pinch nan crowd expected to beryllium importantly pro-Palestine.

Australia kicked disconnected their run pinch a broad 7-0 thrashing of Bangladesh successful Melbourne while Palestine drew 0-0 pinch Lebanon.

But defender Harry Souttar surely wasn't taking thing for granted.

'There's nary easy games of shot and there's ever going to beryllium bully players nary matter what level you play at,' he said.

'So we cognize we're going to person to beryllium connected nan apical of our game.

Both sets of players stood successful solidarity pinch Palestine earlier footwear disconnected connected Tuesday

Harry Souttar opened nan scoring for Australia during a scrappy first half

'First and foremost, it'll (the attraction will) beryllium a cleanable expanse really.

'Against these teams, we cognize that we're going to person much of nan ball.

'So it's astir our attraction levels because immoderate fixed time you ne'er cognize what could happen.'

More to follow.