Paige Spiranac faces backlash for very NAUGHTY Instagram post, but golf's glamour girl fails to see what she did wrong: 'I think it's quite tame'

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  •  Spiranac gets blowback from fans for racy post
  •  Influencer says provocative changeable was 'quite tame'
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By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 19:31 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 19:41 EST, 13 November 2023

Golf glamour woman Paige Spiranac has defended 1 of her caller societal media posts that she says has caused 'outrage' from fans, arsenic she insists that it's 1 of her tamer photos.

The 30-year-old has taken nan athletics by storm, posting images connected nan play people successful tiny, tight-fit skirts and low-cut tops and has racked up 3.9 cardinal Instagram followers, earning herself nan title of 'world's sexiest woman'.

On Friday, nan pro golfer-turned-influencer posted a photograph connected Instagram of herself wearing a skin-tight achromatic collared garment and skirt that reveals immoderate of her backside.

In nan shot, she is holding a flagstick successful her correct right manus and smiling.

'Do you for illustration to time off nan pin successful aliases propulsion out?,' she asked successful her caption.

Spiranac believes her latest societal media station is rather tame and is shocked by nan 'outrage'

Spiranac's station received much than 125,000 likes from her 3.9 cardinal Instagram followers

The station received much than 125,000 likes, but immoderate thought it was excessively provocative. Other users sprang to Spiranac's defense.

'To each those complaining astir this photo, I thought it was a woman's correct to do what she wants pinch her body? Or, did I miss something?' 1 personification wrote.

'Paige is simply a free tone and utilizing each her assets to further her career. An astonishing young [woman] who is talented and astatine nan aforesaid clip delicate to comments made astir her,' different instrumentality remarked.

Sprianac later posted nan aforesaid photograph to X and responded pinch her ain thoughts connected nan 'outrage'.

'It's astonishing nan outrage this outfit is causing connected Instagram,' she wrote.

'It's conscionable a small cheeky aliases booty cleavage arsenic I for illustration to opportunity lol. I deliberation it's rather tame and this image is cute. Thoughts?'

Spiranac has precocious defended her prime of attire erstwhile she plays golf, and has admitted that immoderate of her outfits 'really swipe group nan incorrect way'.

She explained why her inheritance has a opportunity successful nan measurement she choses her outfits successful an question and reply pinch Sports Illustrated.

Spiranac has go 1 of nan biggest and astir influential names successful nan athletics without ever playing connected nan women's apical master circuit

Spiranac begged nan mobility of why golfers don't deterioration diversion deterioration much often, conscionable for illustration her

'I was a gymnast earlier I switched into golf,' said nan erstwhile Cactus Tour member. 'I was truthful comfortable wearing spandex and very small of it because that's conscionable what you deterioration erstwhile you're wearing a leotard and you're competing.'

'When I switched into golf, we were struggling a small spot financially and truthful I didn't person nan luxury to spell retired and bargain a full caller golf-appropriate wardrobe. And so, I wore what was successful my closet which was workout clothes. That's conscionable really I learned to play nan game.'

Spiranac past begged nan mobility of why golfers don't deterioration diversion deterioration much often, considering that they are athletes aft all...

She took statement of Lucas Glover sweating successful his outfit during a PGA Tour arena and wonders why golfers can't conscionable deterioration their comfortableness clothing of their choice.

Players connected nan LIV Tour, connected nan different hand, tin deterioration shorts during tournaments.

'That was ever my mindset erstwhile I sewage into golf, and it really rubs group nan incorrect measurement which is shocking,' Spiranac said.

'They'll person really aggravated discussions complete if they should deterioration shorts aliases pants aliases a leaf collar aliases a existent collar and I'm conscionable retired present conscionable successful vessel tops aliases spandex and group are for illustration ''What are you doing?''' But I emotion it.'

'But we're starting to spot that alteration and manner is simply a large portion of increasing nan crippled and it's moving successful nan correct direction.'

Spiranac precocious came retired pinch a almanac for 2024 which she has been promoting connected societal media.

She took to Instagram connected Monday to stock 2 revealing pics from nan calendar.

Sprianac wrote nan pursuing captions: 'The holidays are coming up and it's a cleanable clip to get my 2024 [calendar] for yourself aliases a nosy gift for personification else.

'Perfect gift. Pin maine up against your wall.'

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