One candidate is pulling away in ALL battleground states as enthusiasm gap widens between Trump and Biden voters: Follow along for U.S. politics live updates

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By Kelly Laco, Executive Editor Of Politics and Katelyn Caralle, Senior U.S. Political Reporter

Published: 07:36 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 07:48 EDT, 3 July 2024


Welcome to nan U.S. authorities unrecorded blog wherever a blistering caller canvass for President Joe Biden shows him slipping down Trump successful astir each battleground state.

And a caller Democrat frontrunner replacement for Biden has emerged - Michelle Obama, nan erstwhile First Lady of nan United States, presently polls pinch a monolithic 50-39 lead complete erstwhile President Trump. 

The Democratic revolt successful nan House is starting arsenic 3 sitting House members shocked nan statement by either telling Biden to driblet retired aliases stating he's already mislaid nan predetermination to Donald Trump. And Biden will meet pinch Democrat governors later today.

Follow on for unrecorded sum from's governmental team: 

New canvass shows Trump pulling up successful captious battleground states successful much dire signs for Biden

 Democrat statesmanlike campaigner U.S. President Joe Biden listens arsenic Republican statesmanlike campaigner and erstwhile U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during their statement successful Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., June 27, 2024. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo

A caller PapaRead canvass released Wednesday shows ex-President Donald Trump is up 3 points complete President Biden crossed each battleground states nationwide, 48% to 51%.

He besides has a two-point lead complete nan president successful a nationalist head-to-head matchup.

In different informing siren for Biden, nan canvass besides showed a monolithic enthusiasm spread betwixt nan 2 candidates.

Democrats are not arsenic apt to 'definitely' ballot successful November compared to Republicans.

The White House is simply a 'mess' arsenic unit freak retired aft Biden statement disaster

There's increasing uproar wrong nan White House complete President Joe Biden's shockingly feeble debate.

It's now becoming a full-blown statement revolt arsenic 2 sitting Democrats are bucking Biden and saying they want different campaigner connected nan apical of nan ticket, pinch a 3rd saying he can't win.

The president will effort and reassure Democratic governors astatine nan White House Wednesday arsenic an all-staff White House gathering is group to hap astatine 12:30 p.m. ET.

Aides told Axios: 'Everyone is freaking nan f*** out.'

REVEALED: The only Democrat who could hit Trump

A apical pollster says there's only 1 Democrat who tin hit Trump but not only person they ne'er held office, they haven't moreover campaigned for Joe Biden yet this predetermination season.

While different erstwhile Democrats and wide pundits person speculated connected Biden's expertise to clasp nan presidency done 2028, should he win, 2 elected members of nan party's Congressional delegation person called connected him to driblet retired Tuesday.

Maine Democratic Rep. Jared Golden, 41, is now saying that he expects Trump to triumph aft Biden's unspeakable statement capacity while Lloyd Doggett of Texas, 77, he's really 'OK' if Donald Trump wins successful November.

Now, pollster Ipsos tested respective elected an unelected Democrats head-to-head pinch Biden and only 1 would hit him, according to their survey.

Biden faces mutiny arsenic 25 Democrats hole to telephone for president to measurement aside

At slightest 25 Democrat members of Congress are group to telephone connected Joe Biden to driblet retired of nan statesmanlike title successful nan coming days, while a brace of Senators person distanced themselves from nan ailing president.

The Democratic revolt successful nan House was expected to return spot if Biden 'seems shaky successful coming days' arsenic 1 Democrat adjutant warned: 'the reservoir is broken.'

In nan Senate, it was revealed that centrist Joe Manchin needed to beryllium pulled backmost from nan brink arsenic he prepared to go nan first Biden state to telephone for him to discontinue connected 1 of nan Sunday news shows.

'Nobody wants to beryllium nan first 1 to weapon Julius Caesar,' a statement insider said astir Manchin's predicament.

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