Olympic runner reveals terrifying moment she lost her VISION during Valencia Marathon: 'Lights fully went out'

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  • Eloise Wellings mislaid her imagination during a race 
  • She was connected people to decorativeness successful 2 hours 23 minutes 
  • But she remains wished to proceed racing 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 05:51 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 05:52 EST, 5 December 2023

Eloise Wellings has opened up connected nan terrifying infinitesimal she mislaid her imagination during a title successful Spain.

Marathon runner Wellings, 41, crossed nan statement 26th wide successful nan Valencia Marathon connected Saturday, pinch an Olympic qualifying clip of 2:25.47, her 2nd champion effort. 

She vanished astir 2 minutes down chap Aussie Genevieve Gregson, whose 2:23.08 saw her decorativeness eighth.

But it was a scary mid-race infinitesimal that near Wellings successful a reflective temper aft nan race. She was connected way for a 2:23 clip earlier she started to suffer her sight.

In a lengthy station connected societal media, Wellings said: 'Yesterday was thing else.

Eloise Wellings mislaid her imagination during nan Valencia Marathon complete nan weekend

'Ninety-five per cent of it was immoderate of nan champion micro moments of my moving days truthful far. I've ne'er smiled truthful overmuch successful a marathon and nan things that I loved astir this title time off maine excited to show up again.

'Yesterday revealed to maine each complete again nan things I emotion astir this sport… and besides 1 of nan things that kinda sucks — Marathons are a crippled of margins.

'The not-so-ideal 5 per cent included a hypo section pinch blurry imagination kicking disconnected astatine 37km.

'I mislaid valuable clip successful nan adjacent 3 kilometres to negociate nan blur until lights afloat went retired astatine 41km, stopping, hanging complete nan barricade pinch conscionable 900m near to tally I had an apparently incoherent speech pinch a Spanish man (which I person zero representation of lol) and past up and getting moving again successful what I hoped was nan wide guidance of nan decorativeness line.

'I mislaid a mates of minutes successful nan last 5 kilometres because I missed nan 28km drinks station. Margins.'

The mother-of-two is still quiet for much racing contempt her ordeal successful Spain. 

'So present I am, lying successful furniture astatine 3am googling marathons successful early 2024… because that dream time is conscionable a mini separator away,' she went on.

'Mad emotion and respect for our 3 different Aussie women successful nan race. What's that saying… 'A rising tide floats each boats'. It has ne'er been much meticulous successful women's marathon moving successful our state and it's a privilege to statement up alongside you all.'

Wellings, 41, has represented Australia countless times and plans to proceed racing

Wellings has represented Australia astatine nan 2012, 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games, arsenic good arsenic successful nan 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Responding to nan post, compatriot Gregson said: 'Oh man. Our dreams were colliding truthful perfectly stride for stride retired there.

'It was my favourite agelong erstwhile we had a fewer words and decided to spell for it.

'I will beryllium present to thief you pursuit down that marathon dream. It's correct location successful arms reach.

'Love you. Thanks for being my domiciled exemplary 20 years agone and moreover much truthful today.'