OLIVER HOLT: Let's all talk loud about this problem. The stench comes from bosses like Mikel Arteta throwing Sunday league refs under the bus

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A mates of weeks ago, successful nan aftermath of his panic and overwrought onslaught connected referees, Arsenal head Mikel Arteta, pinch nan afloat backing of his club, doubled down connected his characteristic assassination of officials and called for nan disapproval to grow.

‘We person to talk loudly,’ he said, a fewer days aft his broadside had mislaid to a extremity astatine Newcastle that he felt should person been disallowed.

‘If you person a problem and you put it successful your drawer, nan problem is successful nan drawer and it’s going to stink astatine immoderate point. If you person a problem, let’s talk astir it, effort to amended it.’ Arteta’s right. Except nan problem that we are putting successful nan drawer is not referees and their decision-making.

The stink is not referees. The problem is managers for illustration Arteta who are frightened to return work for their ain shortcomings. The stink is managers for illustration him who deliberation thing of nan quality costs of what they do.

The stench is group for illustration Arteta who deliberation they tin propulsion different group acold little powerful and influential than them nether nan autobus and expose them to ridicule and unit because they do not person nan courageousness to return work for a shot result.

Arsenal head Mikel Arteta launched an onslaught connected officials aft their conclusion astatine Newcastle

The Gunners leader doubled down connected his comments and received nan backing of his club

Mail Sport has launched a run to extremity nan maltreatment of referees astatine each levels of nan game

And if you’re offended by that language, if you deliberation a connection for illustration ‘stench’ to picture nan actions of nan Arsenal head is excessively strong, past possibly you should look astatine nan repercussions his emotive connection has connected officials astir nan country.

Arteta and Arsenal seemed to deliberation they could seduce group they were embarking connected immoderate benignant of civilized crusade for nan bully of nan game, erstwhile each they were pursuing was a brazen workout successful self-interest.

All they person achieved is to summation nan fetid, fevered ambiance astir refereeing successful this country, each they person achieved is to provender risible conspiracy theories astir corruption, each they person achieved is to make themselves look for illustration a nine who can’t grip a conclusion and respond by behaving for illustration playground bullies.

It is not conscionable Arteta, obviously. Sadly, nan aforesaid disapproval tin beryllium aimed astatine galore of our game’s starring managers.

In nan caller past, managers specified arsenic Jose Mourinho person made an creation shape of belittling and undermining referees. Referees are easy targets for flat-track bullies.

It is only conscionable complete a week since nan Chelsea head Mauricio Pochettino screamed successful nan look of nan 4th charismatic astatine nan extremity of his side’s 4-4 tie pinch Manchester City and past stormed connected to nan transportation to face nan referee.

He was upset because he thought nan referee had blown for afloat clip excessively early.

Pochettino did astatine slightest person nan bully grace to apologise. Arteta did not. He seems to think, actually, that his attacks connected referees are a joke. When he did not kick astir nan refereeing successful Arsenal’s Champions League triumph complete Sevilla, he mockingly suggested that showed he was a reasonable man.

Jose Mourinho had deed retired at referee Anthony Taylor aft nan Europa League last successful May

Mauricio Pochettino (centre) admitted he was incorrect to respond angrily astatine officials astatine nan extremity of Chelsea's eight-goal thriller against Manchester City astatine Stamford Bridge earlier this month

We person near this problem, personified by group specified arsenic Arteta, successful nan drawer for measurement excessively agelong and it is astir clip we took it retired and confronted it.

It is astir clip managers were told to return a long, difficult look astatine themselves and nan harm they are doing to nan wider game.

It is clip to extremity indulging their tantrums and their maltreatment and to travel down hard.

It is clip to extremity Arteta and group for illustration him putting referees crossed nan state successful danger.

It is clip to commencement levelling due punishments astatine managers who persist pinch this behaviour.

We each cognize nan truth: location is simply a nonstop statement betwixt nan benignant of maltreatment that Arteta aimed astatine officials and nan beingness and verbal attacks that are visited connected referees each azygous time successful grassroots football.

Those attacks are mostly learned behaviour and they are learned from watching immoderate of our elite managers astatine work.

At slightest Premier League referees person a grade of protection from nan aggression and intimidation aimed astatine them by managers because they run successful nan afloat glare of publicity, wherever tv cameras grounds events and enactment arsenic a cheque connected behaviour.

There is simply a nexus betwixt behaviour of managers for illustration Arteta to maltreatment of grassroots referees

Premier League yellowish cards for dissent 2023-24 Team Cards for dissent
Fulham 11
Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur
West Ham United 
Wolverhampton Wanderers 
Crystal Palace 
Brighton and Hove Albion 
Manchester United 
Sheffield United 
Aston Villa 
Luton Town 
Nottingham Forest 
Manchester City  


We want to perceive from refs who person been abused - aliases parents who person witnessed atrocious behaviour connected nan touchline

Email america at: IAKO@dailymail.co.uk

Referees astatine grassroots level do not person nan aforesaid protection, truthful intimidation runs rife.

Little wonderment that it is becoming harder and harder to enlistee referees. Why would anyone want to tally nan gamut of that benignant of abuse?

As an aside, tin we please propulsion into Arteta’s drawer of hidden idiocies nan thought that nan solution to nan alleged refereeing problem successful this state is to enlistee ex-players to nan ranks of our officials.

For a start, ex-players aren’t stupid. They spot first-hand nan maltreatment that referees get. They person ne'er shown immoderate liking successful becoming referees successful nan past. Why would they commencement now? Why would they want to induce that maltreatment connected to themselves? Moreover, nan thought that erstwhile players person immoderate benignant of gift that makes them spot incidents nan aforesaid measurement is truthful flawed that it is laughable. They disagree astir decisions arsenic overmuch arsenic group who person ne'er kicked a ball.

So let’s get backmost to Arteta’s proposal and support talking moreover much loudly astir nan problem. Because otherwise, thing will happen.

The Arsenal head has been charged by nan FA for his onslaught connected referees, truthful fto america dream that nan governing assemblage punish him decently for his actions.

That should commencement pinch a three-match touchline ban. A 2nd offence should bring a stadium ban. A 3rd offence should bring a longer stadium ban. That benignant of reward might, astatine last, punctual immoderate managers to commencement behaving for illustration adults.

Roberto De Zerbi said this period that he does not for illustration '80 per cent' of Premier League referees

It is clip to extremity indulging this benignant of petulant, spoiled, delinquent behaviour and dainty it pinch nan seriousness it deserves.

If we do not, nan persecution of referees astatine each levels of our crippled is going to get worse and worse. The likelihood of them being assaulted is going to turn and grow. The anticipation a referee is going to beryllium earnestly injured, aliases worse, will beryllium heightened.

And, arsenic a game, we cannot conscionable time off that successful nan drawer. As a game, we cannot let that to happen.

As a game, it is clip to guidelines up and opportunity this behaviour has to stop.


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