Oklahoma executes double murderer Michael Dewayne Smith by lethal injection after he begged for clemency because he was so high he didn't remember the shootings

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  • Smith was nan first personification to dice successful nan authorities this year
  • He was convicted successful nan abstracted shooting deaths of 2 victims, which were said to hap while he was precocious connected drugs  

By Mackenzie Tatananni For Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:34 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 12:50 EDT, 4 April 2024

An Oklahoma man convicted successful nan execution of 2 group successful Oklahoma City much than 20 years agone has been executed, marking nan first decease by superior reward successful nan authorities this year.

Michael Dewayne Smith, 41, received a lethal injection astatine nan Oklahoma State Penitentiary connected Thursday greeting and was pronounced dormant astatine 10:20 am, according to a spokesperson from nan Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

According to Oklahoma DOC Director Steven Harpe, Smith declined to petition a last meal.  

The 41-year-old was convicted successful nan abstracted shooting deaths of Janet Moore, 41, and Sharath Pulluru, 22, successful February 2002.

He is nan first personification executed successful nan authorities this twelvemonth and nan 12th since nan authorities resumed superior reward successful 2021. This followed a astir seven-year hiatus that came successful consequence to a bid of bungled executions.

During a clemency proceeding past month, Smith apologized to nan victims´ families while insisting that he was not responsible for their deaths.

'I didn´t perpetrate these crimes. I didn´t termination these people,' Smith said. 'I was precocious connected drugs. I don´t moreover retrieve getting arrested.' 

Michael Dewayne Smith, pictured successful February 2021, died by lethal injection connected Thursday morning. He was convicted successful nan double execution of 2 victims while precocious connected drugs

He shed tears during his 15-minute reside to nan committee earlier he was denied clemency successful a 4-1 vote.

After nan first of 3 lethal drugs, midazolam, was administered connected Thursday morning, Smith trembled and attempted to raise his caput earlier his assemblage slackened.

He past took respective short, gasping breaths, which prompted Harpe to later remark that nan man 'appeared to person immoderate shape of slumber apnea.'

A expert entered nan execution enclosure astatine 10:14 americium and shook Smith earlier declaring him unconscious. He appeared to extremity breathing astir a infinitesimal later.

The expert reentered astatine 10:19 americium and checked for a beat earlier Harpe announced nan clip of death.

Prosecutors described Smith arsenic a pack personnel who was blinded by revenge erstwhile he killed some victims.

They based on that he murdered Moore arsenic he was searching for her son, who he mistakenly thought had told constabulary astir his whereabouts.

Later that day, Smith fatally changeable Pulluru, a convenience shop clerk who Smith believed had badmouthed his pack during an question and reply pinch a news reporter. 

Prosecutors asserted that he confessed his engagement successful nan murders to constabulary and 2 different people.

But Smith´s attorney, Mark Henricksen, based on that Smith was mentally disabled, a information only made worse by years of supplier use.

He claimed his customer was precocious connected phencyclidine, a dissociative anesthetic, erstwhile he made nan confession, and that cardinal elements were not supported by facts.

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a enactment of execution requested by Smith´s attorneys connected nan greeting of his death.

The 41-year-old said, 'Nah, I´m good,' erstwhile fixed nan opportunity to supply past words.

Moore's son, Phillip Zachary Jr., and niece, Morgan Miller-Perkins, watched nan execution from down one-way glass.

In a connection supplied to Attorney General Gentner Drummond, nan families declared, 'Justice has been served.'

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