Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown dodges reporters, skips Dem meeting to discuss the president’s future

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Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown is “avoiding reporters for illustration nan plague,” a root adjacent to his agency told The Post aft he grounded to be a scheduled luncheon coming pinch different salient Capitol Hill Democrats.

The missed meeting’s schedule is rumored to beryllium President Biden’s struggling re-election campaign, hampered by a increasing number of Democrats calling for him to retreat from nan November ticket.

Records released coming by nan White House and shared exclusively pinch The Post uncover that Brown met privately pinch Biden astatine slightest six times since 2020. 

According to a source, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown is “avoiding reporters for illustration nan plague” aft he skipped a gathering pinch Capitol Hill Democrats to talk President Biden’s campaign. Photo by Bon
Brown has met pinch Biden astatine nan White House astatine slightest six times since 2020, according to records.

The logs show Brown routinely had individual entree to Biden for agelong periods of clip and that astatine slightest 1 of their interactions was 1 connected one.

When asked by The Post to corroborate nan visits and nan missed luncheon meeting, Brown had nary comment. 

Declining to remark has go Brown’s modus operandi since Biden’s statement past nighttime pinch erstwhile President Donald Trump, erstwhile nan reservoir yet collapsed for Democrats complete Biden’s compromised cognition.

On 1 caller press call, Brown refused to reply 10 consecutive questions astir Biden’s intelligence wellness and whether he himself had ever noticed issues pinch nan president’s intelligence acuity. 

Brown’s repeated dodges person prompted jeers from his Republican Senate opponent, Bernie Moreno, who accuses Brown of “Hidin’ from Biden” since nan debate.

Brown successful nan Oval Office pinch different senators for a gathering pinch Biden connected Feb. 3, 2021. EPA/Stefani Reynolds / POOL

In his 4 decades successful office, nan 71-year-old Brown has been sparse successful dealing nan “no comment” paper pinch reporters. But questions astir his Biden visits person been met pinch a chromatic wall.

The Post posed nan pursuing questions to Brown’s comms team:

Has Sen. Brown met personally pinch Biden immoderate clip since Jan. 1, 2021?

Brown declined to comment. 

Is location a logic he won’t remark connected nan president’s intelligence information contempt having specified adjacent entree to him?

Brown declined to comment. 

Brown pinch Biden, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Sen. Rob Portman successful nan White House connected Jan. 21, 2022. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Does nan legislator judge it is his work to beryllium honorable pinch his voters and alert them to imaginable problems successful their government? 

Brown declined to comment. 

Does nan legislator fearfulness president Biden, his squad aliases nan Democratic Party leadership?

Brown declined to comment.

What is it astir nan president’s intelligence wellness that is making nan legislator “no comment” this overmuch for nan first clip successful his very agelong career?

Brown, ironically, declined to comment; but nan soundlessness is getting very loud.

Brown greeting Biden successful Cleveland on pinch Rep. Shontel Brown, Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb connected July 6, 2022. Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Perhaps that’s because he wants everyone to perceive it.

“Brown, for illustration astir Democratic senators, has been choosing his words cautiously erstwhile it comes to President Biden’s wellness and whether he should activity reelection,” University of Dayton governmental subject Prof. Chris Devine told The Post.

“He whitethorn beryllium concerned astir alienating immoderate members of nan Democratic Party who want Biden to conflict on,” Devine continued. “But much than that, I deliberation he and different Democrats are concerned that publically calling for Biden’s withdrawal will person nan other effect and only origin Biden to excavation successful his heels.”

Republican Senate campaigner Bernie Moreno holding a property convention to knock Brown connected July 10, 2024. Haley BeMiller/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

One personification who has had plentifulness of remark is Moreno.

“Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden are longtime friends, and location is nary beingness successful which Brown was unaware of Biden’s years-long intelligence diminution that puts our state astatine risk. Brown lied to Ohioans astir Biden’s information to walk nan astir utmost wide schedule successful American history,” the 56-year-old business proprietor and GOP Senate campaigner told The Post.

“The concealment of nan president’s cognitive diminution is nan top coverup successful American history, and Brown must show nan truth to Ohioans astir what he knew and erstwhile he knew it.”

Remington Research Group polls conducting pursuing nan June 27 statement show Brown pinch a 6-point lead complete Moreno arsenic some campaigns cogwheel up for 1 of this summer’s hottest races extracurricular Paris.

📊 SENATE POLLING: Remington Research Group

🟥 Tim Sheehy: 50%
🟦*Jon Tester: 45%

🟦 Ruben Gallego: 47%
🟥 Kari Lake: 47%

🟦*Tammy Baldwin: 48%
🟥 Eric Hovde: 48%

🟦*Sherrod Brown: 50%
🟥 Bernie Moreno: 44%

🟦*Bob Casey:… https://t.co/GUtKVJ0bEP pic.twitter.com/v3gRLmyeoC

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) July 10, 2024

“While different Democrats are quickly abandoning ship, Sherrod Brown decided it’s smart to necktie himself astatine nan hep to mentally incompetent Joe Biden moving successful a authorities Trump will handily win,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson Philip Letsou told The Post. “Brown’s governmental profession will unrecorded aliases dice pinch Joe Biden — and it’s not looking good.”

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