Oakland Athletics will play in a minor league ballpark near Sacramento before moving to Las Vegas

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OAKLAND, Calif. — The Athletics will time off Oakland aft this play and play temporarily astatine a insignificant convention parkland adjacent Sacramento until their planned caller stadium successful Las Vegas is built.

The A’s announced nan determination to play astatine nan location of nan Sacramento River Cats from 2025-27 pinch an action for 2028 connected Thursday aft being incapable to scope an statement to widen their lease successful Oakland during that time.

“We explored respective locations for a impermanent home, including nan Oakland Coliseum,” proprietor John Fisher said successful a statement. “Even pinch nan long-standing narration and bully intentions connected each sides successful nan negotiations pinch Oakland, nan conditions to execute an statement seemed retired of reach. We understand nan disappointment this news brings to our fans, arsenic this play marks our last 1 successful Oakland. Throughout this season, we will grant and observe our clip successful Oakland, and will stock further specifications soon.”

The A’s announced their volition past April to move to Las Vegas and MLB owners unanimously approved in November nan exertion to relocate.

The determination angered nan fans successful Oakland and nan team’s antecedently debased attendance dropped precipitously pinch nan nine drafting a league-low 832,352 fans to nan outdated Coliseum past season. The A’s drew 13,522 fans connected opening nighttime this twelvemonth pinch a fewer 1000 others protesting Fisher successful nan parking lot, and grounded to scope 7,000 fans successful immoderate of nan adjacent six games.

The A’s will now play nan adjacent 3 seasons astatine Sutter Health Park successful West Sacramento, adjacent nan authorities capitol and nan NBA arena wherever nan Sacramento Kings play. The insignificant convention stadium has 10,624 fixed seats and tin presently clasp 14,014 fans pinch section seating and opinionated room.

“I’m thrilled to invited nan A’s to Sutter Health Park, wherever players and fans alike tin bask a world-class shot acquisition and create unforgettable memories,” said Sacramento Kings proprietor Vivek Ranadivé, who besides owns nan insignificant convention River Cats. “Today marks nan adjacent section of master sports successful Sacramento. The passion of our fans is 2nd to none, and this is an unthinkable opportunity to showcase 1 of nan astir move and vibrant markets successful nan country.”

The River Cats will still play successful their stadium nan adjacent 3 years and stock it pinch nan A’s.

Commissioner Rob Manfred thanked nan Kings and nan leaders successful nan Sacramento area for getting an statement done.

By staying successful Northern California, nan A’s are hopeful of keeping a ample stock of their section tv authorities held by NBC Sports California, which is worthy a reported $67 cardinal a year. NBC Sports California and NBC News stock a genitor company.

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