Oakland Athletics hire MLB's first-EVER female play-by-play commentator with Jenny Cavnar taking over the mic for the upcoming season

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  • Jenny Cavnar has covered nan Rockies and Padres arsenic she enters her 18th season
  • Cavnar besides covered men's and women's assemblage hoops and nan Olympics 
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:51 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 13:01 EST, 13 February 2024

NBC Sports California hired Jenny Cavnar arsenic nan superior play-by-play announcer for their Oakland Athletics coverage, making her nan first female to clasp nan position successful MLB history.

With complete 17 years of acquisition covering baseball, nan network announced Cavnar's hiring connected Tuesday arsenic she is group to telephone mostly of A's games this upcoming season.

For nan past 12 years, Cavnar has been connected nan section arsenic a backup play-by-play announcer, pregame and postgame host, and newsman for location TV sum of nan Colorado Rockies. She besides antecedently worked arsenic newsman and anchor covering nan San Diego Padres. 

'It is simply a dream travel existent to subordinate nan broadcast squad for nan Oakland A's and their rich | shot history,' Cavnar said. 'Growing up nan girl of a shot coach, I person loved nan crippled from a young age, on pinch nan stories, history and relationships nan crippled provides. 

'I'm excited to commencement my 18th play arsenic a awesome convention broadcaster pinch my bully friend, Dallas Braden, and stock our experiences pinch nan loyal fans of nan Athletics arsenic we spell connected this thrust together.' 

The Oakland A's hired Jenny Cavnar arsenic nan first female play-by-play announcer successful MLB history 

Cavnar is group to beryllium nan play-by-play sound of NBC's Athletics sum starting adjacent season  

Cavnar enters her 18th play covering MLB aft moving pinch nan Rockies and Padres  

In 2015, Cavnar became nan first female to supply study for a National League bid connected radio. Three years later successful Denver, she became nan first female successful a 4th period to telephone nan TV play-by-play for an MLB game. 

Additionally, Cavnar is simply a regular contributor to MLB Network Radio connected Sirius XM passim nan regular play and playoffs. 

Outside of baseball, Cavnar covered respective sports arsenic a newsman and anchor. She covered nan Anaheim Ducks successful nan NHL, co-hosted an Olympics show and worked arsenic a sideline newsman and show contributor for San Diego State Athletics. She besides called men's and women's assemblage hoops for FS1 and Pac 12 networks. 

Cavnar's activity has gained her 5 Emmy Awards and made her nan first female to beryllium named Colorado Sportscaster of nan Year by nan National Sports Media Association successful 2021. 

'Jenny is simply a very talented announcer pinch important acquisition covering baseball,' said Matt Murphy, President and General Manager of NBC Sports California and NBC Sports Bay Area. 

'She's been a groundbreaking master who's earned nan admiration of fans and her peers passim her career. We're very excited for her to subordinate our fantabulous squad and lead our A's sum starting this season.' 

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