NYPD begins arresting Columbia anti-Israel protesters after president tells cops to clear campus

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The president of Columbia University made nan bombshell determination to authorize NYPD to clear nan student encampment protestation from field Thursday afternoon.

In her email to nan community, Minouche Shafik wrote that she hoped nan move would “never beryllium necessary.”

NYPD takes position connected Columbia University’s campus. Robert Miller
Protesters connected Columbia University capable nan grounds. Robert Miller
NYPS cops and protesters look disconnected astatine nan scene. Robert Miller

Shortly aft 1 p.m., hordes of cops successful riot cogwheel descended connected nan Morningside Heights field and surrounded nan encampment, which had been group up since early Wednesday morning.

Police started to apprehension those astatine nan scene, and blocked disconnected 114th and 115th Streets southbound of nan campus’ main entrance.

Several lines of officers equipped pinch riot cogwheel helmets were seen stepping down Broadway southbound of 116th Street, a short region from nan field gates, video footage captured by The Post showed.

At slightest six NYPD corrections buses were besides parked adjacent nan scene.

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