NYC's annual Halloween parade celebrates its 50th anniversary as it haunts the streets of Greenwich Village - while the NYPD remains on high alert amid Israel and Hamas conflict

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New Yorkers launched into nan Halloween tone arsenic nan streets of nan Big Apple were taken complete by nan 50th day of nan yearly spook-tacular parade.

Celebrities including Bradley Cooper and exemplary Irina Shayk joined nan increasing crowd, pinch nan character delighting fans arsenic he lived up to his Guardians of nan Galaxy domiciled successful a Rocket Raccoon costume. 

An array of haunting Halloween outfits and hilarious parodies descended connected Manhattan's West Village connected Tuesday nighttime to people nan extremity of this year's spooky festivities. 

Also connected show was a life-like resurrection of 60s starlet Marilyn Monroe, chilling Day of nan Dead masks, and adorable children dressed up arsenic their favourite characters. 

The festivities person travel astatine a clip of heightened tensions successful nan city, wherever officials opportunity they are connected heightened alert aft protestors person locked horns connected nan streets amid nan conflict successful nan Middle East. 

New York City's yearly parade has seen nan streets of nan Big Apple burst into life 

Actor Bradley Cooper and exemplary Irina Shayk are seen escorting their girl Lea for a nighttime of trick-or-treating connected Halloween

Huge crowds took to nan streets of Manhattan to observe nan spooky holiday, including a resurrection of 60's starlet Marilyn Monroe

Day Of The Dead inspired outfits were among nan vibrant costumes connected show 

To people nan charismatic extremity of this year's 'Halloweekend', revelers stretched their partying retired until Tuesday arsenic they took portion successful nan parade 

A man dressed arsenic erstwhile US President Donald Trump down bars holding an "Inmate Donald" motion walks successful nan parade 

To people half a period of ghoulish event, this year's taxable is 'upside down/ wrong out', to observe a return to state aft years of nan Covid-19 pandemic. 

Travelling nan regular way done Greenwich Village and up Sixth Avenue, nan taxable will bespeak nan state of nan extremity of lockdowns and enjoying being backmost outside. 

'This year's parade not only commemorates its ain 50-year history but besides pays tribute to those mislaid to various events for illustration 9/11, AIDS, and COVID, arsenic good arsenic those who person been portion of nan parade passim nan years,' said longtime head of nan parade Jeanne Fleming. 

A group of Vampire-inspired dancers entertain a crowd connected nan streets of Manhattan

A party-goer cradles a candle arsenic they shape portion of nan galore philharmonic and creation aspects of nan frstivities 

Model Emily Ratajkowski dressed up successful reddish Devil attire for Trick aliases Treating pinch her boy Sly earlier nan parade sewage underway

A marching set performs during nan parade connected Tuesday evening

A female dressed arsenic a ghoulish nun waits for nan parade on Sixth Avenue

Officials person warned that they are connected heightened alert this year, pinch nan conflict successful nan Middle East sparking respective dispute protests successful caller weeks earlier nan parade 

Some light-hearted costumes and adorable parodies were besides seen successful nan spooky parade

Huge towering skeletons shape portion of nan raucous festivities 

A parade-attendee parodies summertime deed 'Barbie' pinch a Ken costume 

Terrifying zombie-clowns caught a front-seat position of nan parade 

The NYPD said connected Tuesday they were connected a 'heightened' information footing arsenic Halloween revelers statement astatine a clip of hostility complete nan Israel-Palestinian conflict, but they added that nary specific, reliable threats had been made.

In different ample U.S. cities, wherever constabulary departments person accrued vigilance successful caller weeks owed to interest astir coercion aliases convulsive protests complete nan conflict successful Gaza, officials reported fewer worries that Halloween would create further threats.

Tens of thousands are expected to flock to Manhattan for nan parade, pinch officials acknowledging nan array of colors and costumes could make their occupation harder. 

'We'll beryllium retired location successful a heightened posture,' New York City Police Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey told TV position Fox 5 connected Monday.

'Right now we're conscionable successful a different time, pinch nan warfare successful Israel,' he added, earlier noting that 'at this clip location are nary specific, reliable threats.' 

Officials person cautioned revelers to stay vigilant, arsenic Maddrey concluded: 'We do spot nan tension, and location is simply a batch of hostility retired there.' 

Manhattan's West Village became nan halfway of nan spooky festivities 

Spooky partiers bare their fangs for a image while nan parade marches on nan Big Apple

This year's taxable is 'upside down/ wrong out' to observe nan extremity of nan pandemic and a return to freedom  

In existent New York fashion, 1 man decided to salary homage to nan Empire State Building 

While constabulary opportunity they are astatine a heightened consciousness of threats this year, revelers person been assured that location are nary reliable threats to nan parade 

Two revelers successful daring outfits hole to return portion successful nan parade earlier successful nan day 

Singer Joe Jonas was besides spotted successful nan Big Apple pinch children Willa and Delphine successful a princess carriage stroller earlier successful nan day 

Earlier successful nan day, vocalist Joe Jonas was spotted celebrating Halloween by taking his children trick-or-treating.

He took his kids Willa, 3, and Delphine, 15-months, retired connected a fairytale carriage stroller, replicating a princess-inspired travel nan trio besides took nan time before. 

Also deciding nan spooky vacation was nan cleanable clip for a family jaunt was exemplary Emily Ratajkowski.

The model, 32, donned a reddish Devil outfit arsenic she stepped retired pinch boy Sly a fewer hours earlier nan parade sewage underway. 

For nan accepted grand-marshal role, euphony creator Laurie Anderson took up this year's position - while nan legendary Lou Reed was named arsenic posthumous expansive marshal. 

Dozens of marching bands, philharmonic acts and creation groups habitually shape nan large and boisterous parade, arsenic New Orleans-based set 'The Young Fellaz Brass Band selected to lead nan statement this year.  

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