NYC mom recounts nightmare as ex-con stole her car with baby son in backseat: ‘what if he would’ve dropped my baby off at a ditch?’

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A heartless ex-con swiped a minivan pinch a 6-month-old boy wrong – arsenic nan shaken mother said she was near wondering passim nan nightmare what if nan thief dropped nan babe disconnected “at a ditch?”

“I’m still truthful startled,” nan tot’s mom, Laquana Ruiz, told The Post Monday aft she had been reunited pinch her son. “What if he would’ve dropped my babe disconnected astatine a ditch? It would’ve been harder to find my baby. I didn’t attraction for my car, but my baby?! That’s what I really wanted.”

Ruiz was picking up a barroom topper for her son’s half-year day astatine KN Mi Delicia bakery and java shop connected Third Avenue successful Mott Haven astatine 11:30 a.m. Sunday erstwhile Victor Matos, 53, hopped successful her conveyance and sped off,

Matos – who was precocious released from parole successful relationship to different car theft connected Long Island – was quickly nabbed successful relationship to nan crimecrime, and nan babe was recovered safe, authorities said.

Ex-con Victor Matos, 53, was busted for allegedly stealing a minivan pinch a 6-month-old boy successful nan backmost seat, cops said.

Ruiz said that she had near her friend successful nan Chrysler minivan pinch nan babe successful nan backseat – but past her pal stepped retired arsenic good to drawback java and bread.

“To me, it seemed for illustration he [saw] maine get retired of nan car and past he watched [my friend] get retired of nan car,” she said. “I didn’t cognize — by nan clip I ran in, past she ran successful and I was already successful [the store] — nan car was gone. It happened successful nan blink of an eye.

The baby’s mom, Laquana Ruiz, said she was successful a bakery buying a barroom topper for nan infant’s half day erstwhile nan unthinkable happened. ABC7 New York

“He was watching to spot that some adults left,” Ruiz said. “Nobody could’ve been much upset than me. My babe sewage taken.

“It was traumatizing,” she added. “It was stupid of maine to tally retired for 2 seconds. It was horrible.”

Witness Bennie Valinti told WABC he spotted nan fishy erstwhile he first approached nan minivan.

“Skinny feline pinch a beard, agelong hair, opened nan trunk and took immoderate stuff,” Valinti told nan network.

The 6-month-old boy was missing for astir an hr and 20 minutes earlier cops recovered him — and nan thief. NYPD

Cops caught up to nan seasoned thief an hr and 20 minutes later, according to Ruiz.

“The feline took my car astatine 11:26 and we sewage him backmost astatine for illustration 12:46 p.m.,” she said. “They recovered him stepping pinch my kid successful his stroller.”

Matos directed an NYPD detective to a spot connected Casanova Street adjacent Oak Point Avenue, astir 2 miles distant successful Hunts Point, according to a title revenge successful Bronx Criminal Court.

“I cognize wherever I near nan car,” Matos allegedly told nan investigator. “I tin return you there.”

Matos admitted he chickened retired erstwhile he realized a babe was successful nan backmost seat, according to a criminal complaint.. ABC7 New York

Matos besides admitted to nan detective that he chickened retired erstwhile he discovered nan precious cargo successful nan backmost seat, nan title reveals.

“I was driving distant and I heard a sound,” he admitted, according to nan tribunal doc. “I sewage tense because location was a kid successful there. I parked nan car. I didn’t extremity anyplace else. I went from nan bakery consecutive there.”

Matos was charged pinch kidnapping, expansive larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, petit larceny and endangering nan use of a child, according to nan complaint.

He was ordered held without bail successful that case, because he was besides wanted connected a warrant for a erstwhile Bronx car theft from November, according to nan Bronx DA’s office.

Matos, who was wanted successful relationship to different expansive larceny car successful nan Bronx, was ordered held without bail. ABC7 New York

In that incident, which happened connected St. Ann’s Avenue, besides successful Mott Haven, he stole different man’s 2002 Jeep Liberty – and moreover tried to mow down nan owner, who attempted to extremity him, nan title states.

Matos besides astir collided pinch different drivers – including 1 operating a schoolhouse autobus – who needed to swerve retired of his path, according to nan tribunal document.

“I stole nan car,” Matos told investigators of that crime, nan tribunal doc states. “I deed nan cars. I wanted to get arrested because I started utilizing narcotics again and I request thief to get clean. I conscionable came from my methadone program.”

Matos was conscionable released from parole connected June 10 successful relationship to a Suffolk County condemnation for expansive larceny auto, records show. ABC7 New York

Matos was released from parole connected June 10 successful relationship to a Suffolk County condemnation for expansive larceny car and endangering nan use of an incompetent aliases physically abnormal person, authorities Corrections records show.

He spent astir 2 months down bars successful relationship to that lawsuit – from March to May of past year, according to nan records.

He besides served clip for expansive larceny car from September 2016 to July 2019. His parole successful that lawsuit expired successful August of 2020.

Matos has besides served clip for criminal possession of stolen spot and burglary, records show. ABC7 New York

A anterior condemnation for criminal possession of stolen spot landed him down bars from June of 2012 done September of 2015, according to nan records.

He besides served clip connected nan aforesaid complaint from January 2007 done December 2009.

Additionally, he was down bars for burglary and attempted burglary from February 1991 done September 1992, pursuing a Nassau County conviction.

His parole successful that lawsuit expired successful January 1996.

Now, Ruiz is trying to guarantee that Matos spends moreover much clip successful nan slammer.

Ruiz said she is going “full force” successful pushing for hefty charges against Matos. ABC7 New York

“I’m going afloat unit [with charges],” she told The Post.

Meanwhile, she commended nan NYPD for their speedy activity successful busting nan callous carjacker.

“The constabulary precinct did their damn thing,” she said. “I told them, if I could hug each of y’all together —- they recovered my baby.”

“They did truthful amazing,” Ruiz added. “When I talk to group I fto them know, nan constabulary precinct, nan cops, they did a hellhole of a job. They recovered my babe nan aforesaid day. In little than 2 hours. In immoderate towns, it doesn’t hap for illustration that.”

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