NYC Mayor Eric Adams IGNORES questions about FBI probe with ties to his campaign fundraiser as he unveils new electric helicopter helipad

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New York City mayor Eric Adams ignored questions astir nan FBI probe into his run fundraising arsenic he unveiled a chopper helipad.

The Democrat held a property convention connected Monday at 6 East River Piers to make a proscription announcement, but a newsman took nan opportunity to inquire whether anyone other successful his squad had had their phones seized by nan FBI.

Adams fto retired a laughter and replied: 'We're talking astir helicopters here!' 

It comes aft news that nan FBI seized nan mayor's physics devices past week - aft a ambush connected nan location of his apical fundraiser and longtime confidante Brianna Suggs, 25, arsenic portion of an investigation into an alleged kickback scheme.

On Sunday Adams demanded nan FBI extremity leaks of nan investigation aft CBS reported nan FBI was looking into a 2021 matter sent to nan mayor, where the Turkey consul wide asked astir a caller consul building connected First Avenue crossed from nan United Nations.

New York City politician Eric Adams ignored questions astir nan GBI probe into his run fundraising arsenic he unveiled a chopper helipad.

The Brooklyn location of Adam's apical fundraiser and longtime confidante Brianna Suggs, 25,  was raided by nan FBI arsenic portion of an investigation into an alleged kickback scheme

Adams, who was past nan Brooklyn borough president, did not reply to nan connection and alternatively forwarded it to then- commissioner Daniel Nigro.

In a connection to CBS, Adams said: 'As a borough president, portion of my regular was to notify authorities agencies of issues connected behalf of constituents and constituencies. I person not been accused of wrongdoing and I will proceed to cooperate pinch investigators.

'What I'm really hoping is that these periodic leaks stop. We're cooperating. We request to do this together truthful each nan facts tin travel out.'

Last week, FBI agents seized New York City Mayor Eric Adams' cellphones and an iPad aft stopping him successful nan mediate of nan thoroughfare pursuing a ambush connected his fundraising main Brianna Suggs, 25, arsenic portion of an investigation into an alleged kickback strategy tied to nan Turkish authorities and others.

After news of his devices being seized broke, Adams told CNN 'he has thing to hide.' 

'As a erstwhile personnel of rule enforcement, I expect each members of my unit to travel nan rule and afloat cooperate pinch immoderate benignant of investigation — and I will proceed to do precisely that,' he added.

The New York Times reports that FBI officials approached nan Democrat connected Monday nighttime connected nan thoroughfare and asked for this information squad to measurement away. The agents past climbed into Adams' SUV and took his devices - astatine slightest 2 cellphones and an iPad.

The devices were returned to Adams wrong a mates of days. The FBI tin make copies of nan information of seized devices if they person a hunt warrant.

Last week, Adams said he 'sleeps good astatine night' arsenic he stood by Suggs and denied immoderate wrongdoing.

Agents are shown extracurricular Suggs' location successful Crown Heights aft nan ambush connected November 2

The politician said his run followed nan rules and will proceed to do truthful during nan investigation into his fundraising.

It's not clear whether nan agents referred to nan investigation arsenic they took his physics devices.

Boyd Johnson, nan lawyer for Adams and his campaign, said nan politician 'immediately complied pinch nan F.B.I.'s petition and provided them pinch physics devices' connected Monday aft an event.

The lawyer added: 'After learning of nan national investigation, it was discovered that an individual had precocious acted improperly... In nan tone of transparency and cooperation, this behaviour was instantly and proactively reported to investigators.'

Johnson did not place nan personification aliases specify nan mentioned inappropriate conduct.

On Wednesday, Adams said he would beryllium 'shocked and hurt' if officials recovered his run had done thing illegal.

Adams past laughed disconnected a mobility astir whether he could personally look national charges, while noting that he had hired a lawyer from nan rule patient Wilmer Hale to correspond him.

The politician besides told reporters he decided to springiness Suggs an opportunity moving successful authorities that 'African Americans don't get'.

'African Americans often don't get to play connected a nationalist scale, arsenic fundraisers arsenic media, reside writers... I had a young superb young woman who was an intern, hardworking, consenting to activity arsenic galore hours arsenic possible,' he said.

'We saw an opportunity to unfastened nan way for her that I saw others get... she worked hard, she learned, and group who met her were really blown away, and I'm proud of her and she's going to get done this.'

Neither Adams nor anyone successful his run person been charged pinch immoderate crimes.

'We followed nan rules because we cognize our run would beryllium scrutinized,' he told reporters.

With Suggs' help, Adams has raised much than $2.5million for his re-election campaign.

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