Number of young adults who vape TRIPLES in two years: Shock data show almost a third of 18 to 24-year-olds have used e-cigarettes as experts urge Ministers to sign off landmark Tobacco and Vapes Bill before the election

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The number of young group vaping has tripled successful 2 years, but smoking continues to decline, a caller study shows.

Researchers from University College London (UCL) said nan usage of disposable vapes among group aged 18 to 24 is driving nan usage of highly-addictive nicotine successful England.

And while experts said vapes are amended than smoking, they warned that they are not risk-free and should not beryllium utilized by those who person ne'er smoked.

The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, looked astatine information connected vaping and smoking for 132,252 group successful England from July 2016 to May 2023.

Researchers wanted to analyse changes successful vaping and smoking earlier and aft disposables became celebrated successful June 2021.

Colourful, candy-flavour disposable vapes are marketed to young group and their usage among this group has tripled successful 2 years 

Unregulated disposable vapes tin beryllium sold successful saccharine shops, novelty shops and moreover artifact shops

Vapes travel successful galore different flavours, including this 1 successful 'juicy peach'

Disposable vapes are usually sold successful agleam packaging and travel successful a assortment of flavours including pineapple crystal and cherry cola.

The study recovered that, successful England up to June 2021, smoking and vaping had been unchangeable aliases declining crossed each property groups.

'However, since disposable vaping started to go popular, vaping has been expanding crossed each property groups – particularly younger adults (18 to 24-year-olds),' it said.

The proportionality of youngsters who said they vaped tripled complete nan period, rising from 9 per cent successful May 2021 to 29 per cent successful May 2023.

Smoking successful this property group declined from 25 per cent to 21 per cent, but wide nicotine usage accrued from 28 per cent to 35 per cent.

In older property groups, vaping prevalence accrued from 5 per cent to six per cent among those aged complete 45, while smoking besides accrued from 12 per cent to 14 per cent.

The emergence successful vaping was top successful group who had ne'er smoked, rising from 2 per cent to 9 per cent successful 18 to 24-year-olds.

As of February, a full of 1,009 reactions to vapes person been recorded by nan Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Here are nan 10 astir communal reports

Overall, nan researchers said that, aft disposables became celebrated successful 2021, nan likelihood of group saying they vaped accrued by 99 per cent per twelvemonth among 18 to 24-year-olds, compared pinch 39 per cent successful 25 to 44-year-olds and 23 per cent successful those aged 45 aliases older.

The squad concluded: 'Since disposable vapes started becoming celebrated successful England, historical declines successful nicotine usage person reversed.

'Now, nicotine usage appears to beryllium rising, driven chiefly by crisp increases successful vaping among young people.

'Smoking declines person been astir pronounced successful property groups pinch nan largest increases successful vaping.

'Urgent action is needed to curb nan emergence successful disposable vaping among group who would different debar nicotine entirely.

'This could see an excise tax, packaging regularisation aliases putting vapes down shop counters.'

Lead writer Dr Harry Tattan-Birch, from University College London (UCL), said: 'The accelerated emergence successful vaping would beryllium little concerning if smoking rates had travel down much rapidly.

'The wide summation successful nan usage of nicotine shows this has not happened.

'Instead, driven by nan presence of highly celebrated disposable e-cigarettes, vaping has go overmuch much communal among young people, immoderate of whom would apt different person avoided nicotine entirely.

'Given these findings, nan UK Government's existent Tobacco and Vapes Bill to trim younker vaping is welcome.'

Senior writer Dr Sarah Jackson, besides from UCL, said: 'While action is needed to antagonistic nan emergence successful vaping among young group who different would not usage nicotine, policies should debar signalling that e-cigarettes are a worse replacement to smoking tobacco.

'Vaping whitethorn not beryllium risk-free, but smoking is uniquely lethal.

'It is besides captious that policies designed to make e-cigarettes little charismatic to young group do not inadvertently make these products little effective for helping group to extremity smoking.

'Measures that target vaping products' appearance, packaging, and trading alternatively than their flavours and nicotine contented whitethorn beryllium astir effective successful striking this balance.'

Dr Ian Walker, Cancer Research UK's executive head of policy, said: 'This study shows a concerning summation successful nan number of young adults utilizing vapes since disposables came connected nan marketplace successful nan UK.

'Evidence to day shows that vapes are acold little harmful than cigarettes, but they can't beryllium considered risk-free and surely shouldn't autumn into nan hands of children aliases those who person ne'er smoked.

'A continued diminution successful smoking rates is encouraging to see, but we can't go complacent — smoking is still nan biggest origin of crab successful nan UK and it's captious that we protect nan adjacent procreation from a life of addiction.

'All parties must guarantee nan world-leading Tobacco and Vapes Bill is passed done Parliament earlier nan dissolution of Government up of a General Election.'

The Tobacco and Vapes Bill would make it forbidden to waste baccy products to anyone calved connected aliases aft January 1, 2009.

It besides intends to trim younker vaping done tighter controls.

However, unless it is passed into rule earlier parliament is dissolved up of nan July 4 wide election, it will beryllium shelved until a caller authorities is successful place.

Both nan Tories and Labour person said they will revive nan measure if they get into power.

The vaping study was published successful nan diary Lancet Regional Health – Europe.

It comes arsenic nan World Health Organisation (WHO) published a study saying vapes and different caller baccy and nicotine products 'present a sedate threat to younker and baccy control'.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO head general, said: 'History is repeating, arsenic nan baccy manufacture tries to waste nan aforesaid nicotine to our children successful different packaging.

'These industries are actively targeting schools, children and young group pinch caller products that are fundamentally a candy-flavoured trap.

'How tin they talk astir harm simplification erstwhile they are trading these dangerous, highly addictive products to children?'

Dr Ruediger Krech, WHO head of wellness promotion, said: 'The usage of child-friendly flavours for illustration fabric candy and bubblegum, mixed pinch sleek and colourful designs that lucifer toys, is simply a blatant effort to addict young group to these harmful products.'

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