Now You Can Sip, Sip, Sip And Paint, Paint, Paint In New York

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The 33 Seaport Hotel offers you an adorable amenity you tin paint.

33 Seaport Hotel

At this clip of year, hotels each complete nan world characteristic different amenities. But this 1 successful New York City is simply a awesome measurement to get successful immoderate meditation and productivity while you trial retired your creator skills. And get a awesome vacation gift – for yourself.

The 33 Seaport Hotel New York is an friendly flight nestled amidst nan cobbled streets of Downtown Manhattan’s historical South Street Seaport. Surrounded by breathtaking views of nan East River, Brooklyn Bridge, and New York City skyline, nan edifice offers luxury amenities and personalized work to supply guests a invited respite from nan buzz of nan city.

The trendy edifice successful downtown Manhattan has collaborated pinch creator Eleanor Mountfort to create a signature type of her Paint Anywhere kit (which was founded during nan Pandemic to springiness folks thing nosy to do astatine home). This signature kit features a coating of nan exterior of nan hotel. And not conscionable immoderate benignant of painting. It is an adorable coating filled pinch charm and whimsy. You tin find retired much astir Ms. Mountfort here.

Not only will this beryllium featured astatine a monthly paint-and-sip astatine nan edifice but immoderate impermanent tin adhd it to immoderate booking arsenic an amenity. It is perfect for 1 of nan hotel’s wraparound Terrace Suites, which person unfettered views of nan Brooklyn Bridge and nan East River.

There are 2 ways to acquisition this amenity.

If you are staying astatine nan edifice immoderate clip you tin adhd it arsenic an amenity to your stay. The amenity comes pinch nan kit – to overgarment astatine nan edifice aliases return location – and a vessel of wine. ($110)

If you are staying astatine nan edifice – aliases are section to nan edifice – connected nan time each period erstwhile they are hosting nan corresponding Paint Sip & Relax event, you will get a kit to overgarment astatine nan event, guided by an instructor, on pinch 2 drinks successful Jewel Bar. It is held erstwhile a month. ($50)

Starting rates astatine 33 Seaport are $250 per night. Starting rates specifically for nan Terrace Suites are $650 per night.

So get retired your paintbrush and overgarment nan municipality reddish – aliases immoderate colour you wish for nan Big Apple!

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