Norway’s Bodø Plans 1,000 Cultural Events In 2024

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Bodø will beryllium nan first metropolis wrong nan Arctic Circle to ever clasp nan title of European Capital of ... [+] Culture.

Ernst Furuhatt / Bodø2024

As nan dawn of 2024 approaches, nan Norwegian Arctic metropolis of Bodø is poised to measurement into nan limelight arsenic a European Capital of Culture.

This favoritism marks a historical moment, arsenic Bodø becomes nan first metropolis wrong nan Arctic Circle to person this prestigious title. It will besides beryllium conscionable nan 3rd Norwegian metropolis to clasp nan title pursuing Bergen successful 2000 and Stavanger successful 2008.

One of three mini cities crossed Europe to person nan nickname for adjacent year, Bodø is location to conscionable 53,500 people. Nevertheless, nan organizing committee of Bodø 2024 has revealed its eager programme of much than 1,000 taste events planned passim nan twelvemonth successful Bodø itself and nan wider Nordland region.

A Focus On Northern Culture

The full Bodø 2024 program leans successful difficult to Arctic civilization including a attraction connected Sámi manner and nan important narration betwixt nan onshore and nan water successful this portion of nan world.

The coastal civilization of Northern Norway will beryllium nether nan spotlight successful Bodø 2024.

Dan Mariner / Bodø2024

From nan opening ceremonial held connected a floating shape successful Bodø harbor, to nan unsocial Sámi theatre trilogy group to radiance a spotlight connected humanity's narration pinch animals and nan Sámi perspectives connected ambiance change, Bodø 2024’s programme is profoundly interwoven pinch nan region's earthy elements and indigenous heritage.

Major Festivals Year-Round

The festivities footwear disconnected pinch an opening ceremonial connected February 3 group against nan picturesque backdrop of Bodø harbor. A floating shape will service arsenic nan centerpiece for this spectacular event, which is expected to tie up to 20,000 visitors and will beryllium broadcast unrecorded connected Norwegian television.

An replacement opening performance will beryllium held connected nan aforesaid time for young group betwixt 13-20 years old.

As portion of its purpose to go nan astir sustainable European Capital of Culture ever, Bodø 2024 will coming 'Pure Music,' a performance that promises to group caller standards successful biology responsibility. Details of really this will beryllium achieved are still nether wraps, however.

In July, creation enthusiasts tin look guardant to nan Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale (KLAB), showcasing exceptional onshore creation by starring Nordic and world artists.

Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale (KLAB) will shape portion of nan programme for Bodø' twelvemonth arsenic European Capital ... [+] of Culture.

Marie Peyre / Bodø2024

Despite nan Arctic location, nan organizers person dispersed nan awesome events passim nan year. Given nan region enjoys nan midnight sun successful nan summertime and nan polar nighttime successful nan winter, it’s apt that ray is simply a recurring theme.

Events specified arsenic 'Midsummer Mischief' to observe Midsummer Night’s Eve, and 'Nordland by Light,' nan region's first ever ray festival, are judge to tie nan crowds. The second is group to statesman by turning retired nan lights crossed Nordland, inspired by nan increasing inclination of acheronian entity tourism.

A Showcase Of Sámi Culture

A important item of nan programme is nan Sámi Trilogy, which brings Sámi theatre and euphony to nan forefront, pinch a attraction connected ambiance change. The first portion of nan trilogy features compositions by Frode Fjellheim, a Sámi musician champion known for his publication to nan opening philharmonic number of Frozen.

The position of nan trilogy successful early February is timely fixed nan prominence nan battle for Sámi rights has had successful nan Norwegian news this year.

The showcase of Sámi civilization goes good beyond nan theater, pinch a Sámi thread woven done overmuch of nan program.

Bådåddjo is nan Sámi pronunciation of Bodø. Sami civilization will beryllium astatine nan forefront of Bodø 2024.

Marie Peyre / Bodø2024

From April, Bodø metropolis depository will beryllium transformed into a Sámi Museum, while Árran 360° promises a showcase of indigenous storytelling mixed pinch nan latest integer technologies.

Promoting Arctic Culture

Bodø 2024 hopes to pull up to half a cardinal group to Nordland, a vast, mostly rural, region successful Northern Norway pinch a organization of conscionable 240,000.

Culinary show Feeding Europe intends to beforehand Arctic cuisine, while events specified arsenic a circuit on nan 400-mile-long taste way Nordlandsruta and nan Marcialonga Arctic Ski Race will showcase nan region’s imposing Arctic landscapes.

The programme isn't shying distant from controversy, either. Not only will nan issues of indigenous authorities beryllium put into nan spotlight, an accumulation delving into nan arguable fig of Nobel laureate Knut Hamsun has been announced.

Cultural Connections

The Via Querinissima project, which is seeking nickname arsenic a Council of Europe Culture Route, is based connected nan humanities voyage of 15th-century Venetian merchant Pietro Querini. In 1431, Querini's vessel was wrecked successful a large wind disconnected France, and aft weeks adrift, nan surviving 11 of 68 unit members landed connected an land adjacent Røst.

They were warmly welcomed by nan locals and spent complete 3 months there, taking nan contented of stockfish backmost to Venice, a culinary nexus that persists to this day.

The Querini Opera, established successful 2012 and having debuted internationally successful Venice, will beryllium presented during nan year. Celebrated for its poignant portrayal of this humanities narrative, nan accumulation involves important unpaid effort from nan distant land organization of Røst.

These are conscionable immoderate of nan highlights from nan afloat programme of Bodø 2024, which nan organizers dream will beryllium “the world’s longest party”, successful position of clip and area covered. The region of Nordland stretches almost 500 miles from northbound to south.

There’s still clip to get involved, some arsenic a unpaid aliases moreover arsenic a participant, pinch various open calls still available.

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