No. 22 Oklahoma State UPSETS No. 9 Oklahoma to win 27-24 in what might be the final ever edition of The Bedlam Series

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  • Oklahoma is group to subordinate nan SEC past year, leaving Oklahoma State successful nan Big 12
  • But nan Cowboys sewage immoderate shape of revenge connected nan departing Sooners astatine home 
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By Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com and Associated Press

Published: 20:08 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 20:27 EDT, 4 November 2023

Ollie Gordon II ran for 137 yards and 2 touchdowns, and No. 22 Oklahoma State defeated No. 9 Oklahoma 27-24 connected Saturday successful nan past Bedlam rivalry crippled earlier Oklahoma leaves nan Big 12 for nan Southeastern Conference adjacent year.

Gordon, who entered nan time arsenic nan nation's starring rusher, had a career-high 33 carries. It was his sixth consecutive crippled rushing for astatine slightest 100 yards.

The crippled was astir much than bragging authorities - some teams started nan time arsenic portion of a five-way necktie for nan convention lead.

Alan Bowman passed for 334 yards, Rashod Owens had profession highs of 10 catches for 136 yards and Brennan Presley caught 8 passes for 97 yards for nan Cowboys.

Dillon Gabriel passed for 344 yards, Drake Stoops had profession highs of 12 catches for 134 yards and Gavin Sawchuk ran for a career-high 111 yards and a people for nan Sooners.

Oklahoma State won what whitethorn beryllium nan last crippled successful nan storied 'Bedlam' bid complete Oklahoma

The 22nd-ranked Cowboys hit nan ninth-ranked Sooners 27-24 successful an highly adjacent contest

The crowd chanted Gordon's sanction earlier he collapsed loose for a 20-yard touchdown tally connected nan game's opening drive.

Sawchuk answered pinch a 64-yard touchdown tally connected nan 3rd play of Oklahoma's opening drive, and nan crippled was tied.

Bowman's 13-yard touchdown tally connected nan first play of nan 2nd 4th put Oklahoma State up 14-7, and a section extremity by Alex Hale 5 minutes later made it 17-7.

Stoops' 6-yard touchdown reception trim Oklahoma State's lead to 17-14, a people that held up until halftime. It was nan first clip Oklahoma trailed astatine nan break this season.

Tawee Walker took disconnected for a 23-yard touchdown tally connected his first transportation of nan crippled to put nan Sooners up 21-17 successful nan third.

Gordon looked to propulsion early successful nan 4th quarter, but he floated a shot towards Owens and threw it short. Oklahoma's Billy Bowman picked it disconnected and ran it backmost 39 yards to nan Oklahoma 44.

It's nan past crippled successful this rivalry earlier Oklahoma joins nan SEC successful 2024, leaving Oklahoma State down successful nan Big 12 Conference. Neither schoolhouse seems willing successful continuing nan series

Oklahoma couldn't return advantage, and Gordon made up for his mistake. His 1-yard touchdown tally put nan Cowboys up 24-21 pinch 7:59 remaining.

Oklahoma had a debased threat connected nan first play connected nan adjacent drive, and Gabriel couldn't get a grip connected it. Oklahoma State's Kody Walterscheid recovered astatine nan Oklahoma 20, and Hale's 34-yard section extremity put nan Cowboys up 27-21.

Oklahoma's Zach Schmit made a 36-yard section extremity to trim nan separator to 3 pinch 4:48 to go. The Sooners sewage nan shot backmost 1 much time, down 27-24, but only made it to midfield earlier turning nan shot complete connected downs.

The University of Oklahoma announced successful nan summertime of 2022 that they would time off nan Big XII Conference for nan Southeastern Conference. 

Neither schoolhouse has stated their intentions to proceed this rivalry erstwhile nan Sooners' departure is complete. 

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