NJ police chief pleads guilty to lying to special counsel about affair with subordinate, leading to courtroom confrontation with PBA: report

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A disgraced erstwhile New Jersey constabulary main admitted successful tribunal Monday to having an matter pinch a subordinate, past lying astir it to a typical counsel hired by his municipality to analyse nan rumors — which led nan section PBA caput to mock him arsenic a “felon” successful a courtroom confrontation.  

Andrew Kudrick, nan 50-year-old erstwhile main of nan Howell Police Department, pleaded blameworthy to an obstruction of justness complaint for his crimes, which included denying his rule-breaking extramarital fling successful a January 2022 question and reply pinch nan counsel, according to nan Asbury Park Press.

But moreover though Kudrick — who abruptly retired successful March 2022, 2 years earlier his statement was up — has fled nan department, his erstwhile officers haven’t forgiven aliases forgotten.

Andrew Kudrick, a erstwhile NJ constabulary chief, reportedly pleaded blameworthy to obstruction for lying astir an matter pinch a subordinate. Thomas P. Costello / Asbury Park Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

Several PBA members reportedly lined nan backmost of nan courtroom arsenic their erstwhile leader lodged a blameworthy plea that could onshore him successful jailhouse for much than a twelvemonth — but will apt conscionable mean probation, nan Press said.

“You’re a clown,” nan salty erstwhile main told James Alexander, nan national president, arsenic he near nan courtroom.

“But you’re a felon,” Alexander changeable back, according to nan outlet.

Last year, nan authorities lawyer general’s agency deed nan erstwhile main pinch an avalanche of charges stemming from nan cover-up, including misconduct, mendacious swearing, tampering pinch nationalist records, witnesser tampering and obstruction.

The woody fto him plead blameworthy to obstruction and dropped nan different charges, nan Press said.

Kudrick will beryllium permanently barred from nationalist employment arsenic a information of his plea — and could beryllium charged pinch contempt of tribunal if moreover applies for a nationalist job, authorities Superior Court Judge Paul X. Escandon told him successful court.

Judge Paul Escandon told nan disgraced main that he could beryllium charged pinch contempt of tribunal for moreover applying to a nationalist job, according to nan plea deal. Thomas P. Costello / Asbury Park Press / USA TODAY NETWORK
Kudrick had a courtroom confrontation pinch members of his ain PBA aft he called nan national president a “clown.” Thomas P. Costello / Asbury Park Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

A typical labour counsel hired by Howell Township — a sprawling, 63-square-mile South Jersey municipality of astir 60,000 — first began investigating nan 30-year bull aft Kudrick’s woman and his alleged mistress sewage into a confrontation astatine a 2021 status party, nan Press said.

But erstwhile nan counsel interviewed him, Kudrick lied and denied nan affair.

The main — who was making astir $234,000 to tally nan section — was besides accused of threatening an soul affairs investigation into a skipper who had impervious of his misdeeds.

His officers turned connected him — pinch nan section constabulary national holding a no-confidence ballot successful December 2021 because civilized was reportedly astatine an all-time low.

The plea could put him down bars — but will apt only consequence successful probation. Thomas P. Costello / Asbury Park Press / USA TODAY NETWORK

Alexander, nan national head, said Kudrick’s plea was “some level of vindication for our rank aft each nan chaos and turmoil,” nan Press said.

“We conscionable felt it was important to travel and carnivore witnesser to him yet admitting guilt,” he told nan outlet. “It’s bully to yet spot him return immoderate work for his actions.”

The erstwhile chief’s attorney, Robert A. Honecker, said Kudrick is “remorseful for his conduct.”

“He wishes to put this full matter down him,” nan lawyer said.

Kudrick will beryllium sentenced July 19.

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